Rubenesque Beauty Zilly for Abby Winters

Rubenesque Beauty Zilly for Abby Winters
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Abby Winters: Rubenesque Beauty Zilly:

Abby Winters aficionados, todays post from my Abby Winters archive is Zilly. She is a stunningly beautiful voluptuous rubenesque brunette that is 100% natural from head to toe,

This Abby Winters shoot has 241 pics and a sexy video of Zilly

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These pics are from Zilly’s only shot with team Abby Winters. She was 21 year old Zilly, pictured above, is a curvier than the typical Abby Winters girl but as you can see in her videos with her naturally radiant smile and bubbly sexy personality she is a perfect fit for team Abby Winters. One of the great things about Abby Winters is they feature beautiful girls of all shapes and sizes. As Zilly demonstrates, we must define our own beauty. You can be rubenesque and stunning. You can be voluptous and sexy as hell. Abby Winters is great at proving that the corporate definition of beauty is wrong!

Abby Winters only had Zilly one the site one time. In her shoot, the dark haired brunette beauty does a slow sensual striptease for use slowly revealing her rather “massive boobs” (her words not mine) and her curvy figure. Even before she masturbates her pussy is very wet and it is clear her girl juices are flowing. I hope you enjoy her video as much as I did. Let me know your thoughts in the comments but I feel pretty confident to say that Zilly proves you don’t need to be a size zero to be super beautiful and incredibly sexy.

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