Paula for Abby Winters

Paula for Abby Winters
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Paula Abby Winters: Those fans who remember this blog from back in the day probably remember that I was always infatuated with Paula. She made my heart melt a thousand times over. Abby Winters captured Paula perfectly time and time again. Her cherubic smile, her stunning curves and her infectious demeanor are what attracted my to join Abby Winters for the first time.

Unfortunately, Paula hasn’t been on Abby Winters for several years. I hope she is doing well wherever her life has taken her. But as she was my first Abby Winters crush I decided to use her for this post. I do plan to post more pics of her in the future. For now, though this post is simply me trying to relearn how to use blogging software to create a post and upload a picture. And I can’t think of anyone that I would rather learn with than Paula.

Ugh. It looks like I still have a lot to learn. The picture isn’t even centered the way I wanted it to display. Sorry fans. I promise to keep at it and I will get better. In the meantime, while Paula hasn’t been active on Abby Winters for years there are still 2,745 images from 15 different shoots and almost 7 hours of videos of her for you to adore.

Abby Winters Paula Update:
Well as my luck would have it this page is getting a lot of visitors from google. I feel bad because it was just a test page for me to try to remember how to blog and I don’t really have much about her. If you have come here looking for Paula please check back in a few days. I will make a page that focuses on more of her with some samples from the many many times Paula was on Abby Winters.

3rd update:
I still haven’t made the time for a Paula tribute page. But my guilt led me to create a new gallery from one of Paula Abby Winters specific shoots. I haven’t forgotten my promise. Until then feel free to check out the following gallery from Paula’s third solo shoot on Abby Winters appropriately entitled Paula Topless in Jeans.

4th update:
Still working on the Paula tribute gallery. In the meantime check out Paula Abby Winters in a girl girl kissing and make out shoot from the early years. I just published Abby Winters Paula and Candace Kissing. Why are you still reading. Click the darn link… you will thank me later.

5th update:
I have been bad. Spank me. Another month has passed without my promised Paula Abby Winters tribute page. I did just post a great girl girl update featuring Abby Winters Paula and Anneke. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it enough to apply some lotion to my bottom after my spanking. teehee

Paula Abby Winters

View with Caution – Paula will break your Heart
Click Here for all 2,745 pics and videos of Paula


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