Nude Skinny Dipping with Abby Winters Girls

Nude Skinny Dipping with Abby Winters Girls
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Abby Winters Girls: Nude Skinny Dipping with Lazuli, Seriya and Joan

Brrrr its cold outside, but I love warm my thoughts of Nude Skinny Dipping with Lazuli, Seriya and Joan on a warm Australian Beach with the Girls of Abby Winters,

This Abby Winters shoot has 170 pics and a video of the Skinny Dipping Girls

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Hiya Abby Winters Lovers I am back again with another post today. I know I complained of being tired in my last post and said I was signing off for the night. So why am I back here again. Well, the answer is rather simple. It is these Nude Skinny Dipping girls (Lazuli, Seriya and Joan) from far back in my Abby Winters Archive.

Please allow me to explain. You see it is freezing cold tonight in my part of the world. I am tired and feeling randy, Of course, that probably describes me most nights. But anyway, I was surfing around the Abby Winters sites dreaming of far away lands with beautiful skies, awesome beaches and, most important, warm balmy weather. So I was looking at some of the older shoots from when Abby Winters was still in Australia and I stumbled across this Nude Girls Skinny Dipping set. It had been a long time since I watched that video. I forgot how much fun they had and how much I enjoyed it so I figured I would make one last post with to share some of the warmth with the world.

Update: If you are looking for more Abby Winters Skinny Dipping shoots be sure to check out this gallery I just made of Abby Winters Elizabeth. She is a petite 18 year old Aussie girl that took a nude plunge skinny dipping for Team Abby Winters.

Nude Skinny Dipping with Lucy Muse

Of course, in my part of the world it is still cold. If I even considered skinny dipping I’d freeze my bum off. It would be like going to the Great British Dip with Lucy Muse in the middle of the Winter. I am sure it would be fun, heck getting to shed my clothes anytime if the year is fun, but I’d suffer frostbite in all of the places you don’t want frostbite if you catch my drift.

For those who might not know Lucy Muse, she is this really cool artist that is into FKK naturalist type stuff. While always tasteful her art often features her nude or naked. Click here if you want to check out her video when she went skinny dipping at the Great British Dip. Just please do me a favor. Do not be rude or boorish. She is an artist. Treat her with respect if you comment!

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