Chloe V and Victoria J for Abby Winters

Chloe V and Victoria J for Abby Winters
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Abby Winters presents: Chloe V and Victoria J in Girl Girl Nude Yoga

These pics are from a Girl Girl shoot done in February of 2017. Both woman have been on the Abby Winters several times. I think that this is the first time they have appeared together in a Girl Girl video shoot. Feel free to correct me in the comments section if I am wrong.

This shoot has 290 pics and 1 hour of Video

Click Here for a preview video of the shoot:

Nude Yoga Fun with Chloe V & Victoria J on Abby Winters

Abby Winters Nude Yoga with Chloe V and Victoria J

You may be wondering why I choose Chloe V and Victoria J for my first new Girl Girl post on my revamped I Love Abby Winters. After all there are hundreds of incredibly fun and frisky girl girl shoots since I this blog went offline. As I explain in here in Abby Winters Lesbian there are over 700 girl girl shoots as I write this update.

I will tell you. I wanted to post something newer. This nude yoga shoot is only a few months old as I write this post. With so many choices to make what caught my eye was an incredible close up picture of Victoria J’s face. Her smile radiated and instantly I felt confident that she was having fun. Of course, her stylish aqua blue glasses grabbed my attention as well. For those who don’t remember I get goo goo gaa gaa silly for girls in glass. 

So yes, Victoria J’s smile and glasses pulled me into this Abby Winters Girl Girl set of pics and video. But it was Chloe V that convinced me this had to be my first girl girl post. I mean come on people. How can you be a fan of Abby Winters website and not have a serious crush on the 25 year old Victoria J. Her curves are stunning, her beautiful skin looks to be flawless and her accent is just so darn sexy.

I absolutly adore the stunning contrast of the skin color. Team Abby Winters is great at doing this in so many of there shoots and you will notice it when you browse the pics, galleries and videos. The contrast of fair skin and the darker shades of the woman of color featured on Abby Winters is something that I have always found to be super sexy. Don’t put me on Frued’s coach and over think it but it sure works for me!

When the Abby Winters team put these two woman together for an afternoon of nude yoga with the only rules being to be yourself and have fun. Well by golly, the free preview video (click here) tells you everything you need to know. From the stretching and yoga warm up to the soft sensual kisses to the intense rubbing together of their naughty bits. Well lets just say this shoot left me breathless just watching.

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