Abby Winters Zane – Latvian Redhead Beauty

Abby Winters Zane – Latvian Redhead Beauty
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Abby Winters Zane – Latvian Redhead

Abby Winters Zane is a 22 year old redheaded Latvian girl. She is new at Abby Winters having just done her first shoot two weeks. Hopefully she will be a regular in 2018 and beyond.

This Abby Winters shoot has 212 pics and a video

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Abby Winters Zane – Latvian Beauty

Hiya fellow Abby Winters fans. I am still fighting off my cold but I saw a search query for Abby Winters Zane so I decided to login and learn more about her because her name was not familiar to me. She is brand new to Abby Winters. Her first shoot was just posted on December 10th. She is a beautiful amateur girl from Latvia. I am probably just an ignorant American but I wasn’t even sure where Latvia is located. So I checked it on out wikipedia… fascinating stuff. It is a Baltic country with a history dating back 3,000 years BC. But anyway, you aren’t here for civics or geography lesson. Suffice to say that no matter how cold it may get in the Baltic region I am confident I would always feel a warmth in my soul staring into the eyes of a woman as beautiful as Zane.

Abby Winters Zane – The Eyes Always Win

Abby Winters Zane is a stunning tall petite girl with lovely creamy skin. Lovers of girls with freckles and natural redhead girls will stammer and trip over their words when they watch her video. Personally, I found Zane’s eyes mesmerizing. Some of you may want to argue with me for my choice of pics… you may be dying to see more of her lovely naked body and her shaved vagina but I choose the pics above because all but one are great captures of her eyes. I am not sure of their color. Is it hazel? I don”t know but, wow, it just works for me.

Back to bed for me. Here’s hoping this is the first of many shoots of Abby Winters Zane. Please keep sending your request or use the search tool in the upper right corner and I will see it. With almost 2,000 amateur girls on Abby Winters it is hard for me to keep up but so many of the new Abby Winters girls are wonderful. I don’t want to miss a single one.

Abby Winters Zane – UPDATE UPDATE

UPDATED: It has taken a long time, over six months in fact, but I just updated with a new post and gallery from another Zane solo. If you adore Zane as much as I do follow this link Abby Winters Zane – Ginger Princess and explore this new 18 picture gallery of Zane.

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