Abby Winters Yara – Hairy Legs Beauty

Abby Winters Yara – Hairy Legs Beauty
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Abby Winters Yara – Hairy Legs Beauty

Abby Winters Yara has wonderful bare naked hairy legs. She is a beautiful 19 year old amateur Dutch girl that is natural and hairy over her entire toned body. These pics of Yara are from an Abby Winters visit she made in June of 2015.

This Abby Winters shoot has 229 pics and video

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Abby Winters Yara – Vibrator Play

I choose this Abby Winters Yara shoots because there are some great angles that show her lovely naked hairy legs and naked hairy armpits. While her hair is rather faint it is as lovely as her smile. Abby Winters Yara writes in her notes that she was excited to try this pink “rabbit” vibrator for the first time. Judging from the sounds she made while orgasming and her chat in that sexy Dutch accent to Misha about her post orgasmic bliss it is clear it met her expectations.

Abby Winters Yara – Shot from Home

One of the things that is really fun about this shoot of Abby Winters Yara is that it was done at her own home. It is obvious she is comfortable in her own environs because she slowly undresses as if the camera wasn’t there at the same time as she giving us a tour of her home.

Yara defies all stereotypes as she alternates between showing off her collection of tools and yet has a very academic book shelf. Heck, I guess there isn’t any rule that says a girl can’t be academic, mechanically inclined and drop dead gorgeous all at the same time. Abby Winters Yara would be as at home on the cover of Popular Mechanics as she is here on my little Abby Winters Blog. Heck any girl that can build her own bed and look that darn sexy in it naked sounds wonderful to me.

Abby Winters Yara – Other Galleries & Vids

Abby Winters Yara has done an incredible 23 different shoots. She has done four solo shoots, a boy girl shoot as well as some Intimate Moments masturbation videos. She has also done a lot of girl girl amateur lesbian video shoots. I say ‘a lot’ because Yara done 14 girl girl shoots. She has played nude with 18 different girls. More girls than shoots because two of her girl girl shoots were amateur orgies with multiple girls playing together.

Yara has done so much I can’t list all of the other girls now, but if you click here you can check out all of Yara’s portfolio on Abby Winters. You’ll find lots more free sample pics and video previews. In total, there are 5,154 pics and 18.5 hours of video featuring Yara; More than enough to satisfy anyone’s thirst for her beautiful bare naked hairy legs.


I just created an update and gallery of an great girl-girl shoot that paired Yara with Dahlia. If you are craving more of Yara and curious to see her in making love to another woman check out my update here shoots because there are some great angles that show her lovely Abby Winters Dahlia and Yara – Redheaded Lovers.


I just posted a new update and gallery of Yara. It is from the same set as the pictures in this gallery but has a much better selection. You can see it here Abby Winters Yara – Welcome Home Lover.


I’ve been on a roll lately with Yara. She has done so many incredible shoots. While I can’t feature all of them I have update today with another great gallery of her. You can check it out here Abby Winters Yara – Frolicking in Ferns.


4th Update: If you adore Yara as much as I do you’d probably enjoy checking out my new update and gallery of Gala. Gala is real life friend and perhaps lover of Yara. Gala was also paired with Yara for a girl-girl that I plan to feature soon. Gala, herself, is a beautiful petite brunette with super sexy hairy pits, legs and a very thick bush that extends to her anus. You can find her here Abby Winters Gala – Petite Hairy Hottie.

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