Abby Winters Roxy – 19 and Blonde

Abby Winters Roxy – 19 and Blonde
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Abby Winters Roxy – 19 and Blonde

Abby Winters Roxy is my featured update tonight for my Abby Winters amateur showcase. She was nineteen when she visited Abby Winters for the first time. Her hair color has changed often but I think this dirty blonde color is striking.

This Abby Winters shoot has 121 pics and over an hour of video

See a preview video and pics of Roxy – Click Here!

Abby Winters Roxy Nineteen and Curvy

If you are a fan of natural curvy girls than team Abby Winters has found the perfect girl for you when they discovered 19 year old Roxy. I hate to just describe a woman as a collection of body parts but when your body parts are as lovely as Roxy’s it is hard not to just get caught up on her spectacularly sexy figure. Roxy has large breasts and nice large areolas / nipples that are sure to be a hit with any boobie lover. She has nice soft feminine curves and as you can see in the video she wasn’t shy to show off her lovely curves and beautiful bottom for the camera. Ah… so lovely.. now if only I could figure out a way to come back in my next life as a butterfly tattoo permanently stationed next the nether regions of super sexy Abby Winters Roxy!

Abby Winters Roxy Other Visits

Abby Winters Roxy has been on Abby Winters 13 times with over 1,000 pics and 3 1/3 hours of video in the various galleries. Her hair color seems to change as often as the shoot location over the years. I tend to like the dark hair of brunettes. But I think the dirty blonde look on Roxy works well. A bunch of her visit where intimate moments masturbation shoots by herself or with another Abby Winters girl. Click here and scroll down on to preview them all at Abby Winters

Abby Winters Roxy and the Hula Hoop Girls

The most infamous of Roxy’s appearances at Abby Winters was the Hula Hooping Multi-Girl shoot. To preview it on Abby Winters click here, It featured Roxie, Giselle, Caitlin K, Charlotte E, Aisling and Tamra in a super fun multi-girl shoot in which the girls spin, wiggle and giggle naked. While it never turns into a sexual encounter it is the type of fun mass nudity shoot that are great. I have featured it in it’s own gallery here Abby Winters Hula Hooping Girls.

Abby Winters Roxy – UPDATE UPDATE

If you are looking for more from Roxy I just posted a new update with her and a much larger gallery from a different shoot. If you want to check it out now the link is here Abby Winters Roxy – Nursing Nirvana.

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