Abby Winters Chloe B – Patio Play

Abby Winters Chloe B – Patio Play
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Abby Winters Chloe B – Patio Play

Hiya fans and lovers of AW Girls. Tonight, I bring you Abby Winters Chloe B. After writing about Abby Winters Antonia last night, I decided I need to do something about everyone’s favorite busty redhead Chloe B. She was in the Intimate Moments masturbation video I blogged about with Antonia.

This Abby Winters shoot has 291 pics and video

See a preview video and pics of Redhead Chloe B – Click Here!

Abby Winters Chloe B – Curvy Redhead

As I mentioned above, last night I did post that include both Abby Winters Chloe B and Antonia in an amazing girl girl intimate moments masturbation video that should be in the hardcore Abby Winters Lesbian section because it is one darn steamy video. Anyway, I am blabbering again. This post is about the incredible Abby Winters Redhead Chloe B.

Busty redhead Chloe B has always been a favorite of AW fans. There are over 10,000 pics of her from 46 different shoots. There are over 32 hours of video with her. Yup you read that right 32 hours of video, you could stay up for an entire day watching her videos and still not see everything! Not to be snarky but if you don’t believe me (click here) and preview all 46 shoots for yourself. She is spectacular. I plan to do a much bigger page featuring her at some point. Even a big dedicated page wouldn’t do her justice. Golly, I would probably have to do a blog dedicated to just her to give her the props she deserves.

Abby Winters Chloe B – Today

Last I remember, Chloe B moved with Team AW when they moved from Australia to Europe. She was on the staff if I remember correctly. I wonder if she is still with them? I will try to do some investigate on the forum soon and see if anyone the current info. FYI: for new Abby Winters fans, members of the site have access to a huge forum where many of the staff and some of the girls actively participate. It’s pretty cool because you can ask the girls questions and it is a fun way to get to know everyone better. As I have mentioned before, the staff is all girls that have been on the site at one time or another. I know Chloe B was on the staff for years and very well may still be. I’ll see if I can figure it out.

I need to jump off the site for now. I usually write about the pics or videos I post and planned to do that here. Somehow selecting pics and writing an update always takes me longer than I anticipate. But frankly, these pics tell you all you need to know. You’d have to be on your death bed for Chloe B to raise your pulse. Her personality radiates through in every shoot she has done at Abby Winters. These were from one of the last times she was in front of the camera as far as I know. Wow…. how could you not fall in love a million times over… that is all I have to say for now. Good night Abby Winters fans and friends.


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