Abby Winters Paula – Topless in Jeans

Abby Winters Paula – Topless in Jeans
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Abby Winters Paula – Topless in Jeans

Ok fellow Abby Winters fans, tonight you are in for a treat. I am doing two updates so I can have this bonus post of Abby Winters Paula from her 3rd solo shoot.

Paula’s third Abby Winters shoot has 122 pics and video

Click here – Preview Paula’s 3rd Abby Winters shoot

Abby Winters Paula – 3rd Solo Shoot

The long and short of it is that my guilt is why I am doing a second update tonight. I promised on this post, Paula Abby Winters, to do a “Tribute” page about my favorite amateur Aussie girl Abby Winters Paula. Whatever my excuses I haven’t made the time to do it as big or with as many pics that she deserves but I feel bad I haven’t done it yet. So tonight I decided to do a gallery of one of my favorite shoots of Paula.

Regular readers know I find girls topless in jeans to be incredibly sexy. So when I was working on a Paula tribute and rediscovered her third solo shoot in which she was wearing blue jeans I decided to post this to make amends. So… a blast from the past, destined for the Abby Winters Hall of Fame, my favorite smiley curvy amateur Aussie girl Abby Winters Paula topless in jeans!!!

I hope you’ll forgive the brevity of this post. Consider it a bonus. I’ll be back tomorrow with my daily update sampling of the sexiest amateur girls sharing and baring themselves with us through Abby Winters. If you thirst for more now click here and check out the great sample videos on the Abby Winters tour. They are each around ten minutes long. They give a quick vinegette of some of the solo, girl girl, boy girl and intimate moments videos from Abby Winters. If you aren’t a member yet and anyone tickles your fancy leave me a comment. I will try to include them in an update in the near future.

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