Abby Winters Paula and Candace – Kissing

Abby Winters Paula and Candace – Kissing
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Abby Winters Paula and Candace

Hiya Abby Winters fans and all lovers of beautiful amateur girls. The pics in this gallery of Abby Winters Paula and Candace are a blast from the past featuring 18 year old Paula and 19 year old Candace slowly undressing each other, kissing and making out on a fun, lazy, erotic afternoon.

This Abby Winters shoot has 386 pics and video

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Abby Winters Paula & Candace – Sensual Amateur Perfection

Long time fans of Abby Winters might remember this super sensual girl girl kissing shoot of Abby Winters Paula and Candace. It dates all the way back to 2004. This early shoot played an important part in convincing me I found my online home at Abby Winters because the spark, sensuality and playfulness that Abby Winters Paula and Candace shared in this make out session was so genuine and real. At the time, I had never been on an amateur girl site that was able to capture that passion so well.

As I look back it is amazing to me that the Abby Winters team is still able to capture the youthful fun and passion that is represented by these pics of Paula and Candace. The team has gotten even better because they have been able improve the quality of the videos without loosing the originality and genuine raw emotions and passion of the early days. I can only think of a handful of sites that are able to pair high tech quality video and not loose the raw excitement of amateur porna and none of them do it as well as Abby Winters.

Abby Winters Paula & Candace Kissing – Paula’s First Girl Girl

Both Abby Winters Paula and Candace share beautiful soft curvy figures, large natural boobies and perfect thick round bummies. These natural and hairy teen girls also have nice thick hairy bushes which adds to my lustful imagination of what it must feel like to be one of them running her hands over her partners perfect body. Watching these two girls slowly undress and share so many soft playful kisses that slowly become more and more passionate and intense is so damn sexy because it reminded me of many good memories of past lovers and partners of mine own. Paula and Candace’s connection is so genuine I didn’t feel like I was watching someone else. I felt like I was right there with them. They brought many good memories for me of the excitement and intensity of the first kiss with a new lover.

Abby Winters Paula Tribute Gallery

It had been a long time since I had watched this video of Paula and Candace kissing and making out. I rediscovered it because I have been working on a Paula “Tribute” Page that I mentioned in this post: Abby Winters Paula Topless in Jeans. I am hoping to publish it on Christmas so check back because I will link to it from here. In the meantime, to watch this video or check out samples of Paula’s other Abby Winters shoots click here. There are 2,745 pics and 7 hours of video of Paula so make sure you don’t have anywhere else you need to be this weekend because she will leave you thirsting for more as the hours melt away.

Abby Winters Candace

While I have written about Paula in the past and will be doing her tribute page soon, I haven’t said much about Candace. Like Paula she is an amateur Australian teen girl that spent sometime at Abby Winters in the early years. The girls share more than the cute Aussie accent though as both have beautiful playful smiles, incredibly expressive eyes and similar soft curvy figures. Unfortunately, Candace only did three shoots with Abby Winters. Click here to check them out on Abby Winters. There are over 600 pics of her and almost an hour of video. As always Abby Winters shares a bunch of free preview pics and video samplers so you can see more even if you are not a member yet.

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