Abby Winters Odette – Natural Curvy Charm

Abby Winters Odette – Natural Curvy Charm
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Abby Winters Odette – Natural Curvy Charm

Abby Winters Odette is a beautiful 21 year old amateur all natural curvy Aussie girl. I had to dig back into the Abby Winters archive to find her but I am glad I did because I love her quirky charm and natural curvy body.

This Abby Winters shoot has 85 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Odette on Abby Winters

This Abby Winters shoot has 85 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Odette on Abby Winters

Abby Winters Odette – By Request

I am updating Abby Winters Odette today to fulfill a recent reader request. IN different shoots Odette has alternated between blonde and her natural brunette hair. I choose this shoot today as it is her natural color and my personal favorite. I am thinking of updating soon from one of her blonde shoots because either way Odette has plenty of quirky charm and natural sexy curves.

Abby Winters Odette – One Members Thoughts

The Members Forum at Abby Winters is a great place for members to interact with the AW Team and many of the woman that are featured on the site. It also allows for members to give feedback about a specific model or shoot. I have been including some of these post lately as they give a refreshing new perspective. I like to share the voice of others because they provide unique insights that I might have missed otherwise. The following is what one member wrote about this shoot with the lovely curvy Abby Winters Odette.

They said, Odette is another brunette beauty and she has such pretty eyes to seduce you with. I do like her with this more natural looking hair colour as it compliments her eyes and her face really well. The curves of her body are so delicious and feminine. I love her furry parts.

What a beautiful shoot, the lighting is really appropriate for some reason. So kudos to both photographer and videographer, this was the perfect setting for Odette to amaze and seduce. Thanks to the lovely lady herself, Odette you are a true natural beauty and I think you can be proud of how this shoot and video bring this to the atttention in such a classy way.

Abby Winters Odette – Other Galleries & Vids

There are 7 shoots with 415 and almost 3 hours of video of Abby Winters Odette in her portfolio. Click here for more sample pics and free preview videos of Odette.

Editors Note

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Abby Winters: Naturally Delicious Updated Daily since 2000

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