Abby Winters Milena Wiggles and Giggles

Abby Winters Milena Wiggles and Giggles
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Abby Winters Milena – Wiggles and Giggles

Abby Winters Milena is petite toned 22 year old girl from Australia. Her first video with Abby Winters was in 2010. These pics are of Milena are from that first visit to Abby Winters.

This Abby Winters shoot has 175 pics and video

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Abby Winters Melina – Pale Natural Beauty

Sultry 22 year old Aussie chick Abby Winters Milena has been in AbbyLand four different times. Watching her videos I get the impression that she is a pretty cool fun girl and she is definitely the sexy sultry type the ways she does her thing for the camera. I included her handwritten note from after the shoot. This is the first time I have done that but I think it is cool to be able to get to know the girls thoughts. It was also hard for me to pass it up when declares I Love Abby Winters. I can’t help to day dream that somehow she stumbled across my little blog and is voicing her support.

Now personally, I prefer woman who are more soft, squishy and curvier but I know there are many who dig petite amateur girls that are tight athletic and toned girls like Abby Winters Milena. That is why I included her in this update. It is also hard for me to pass by a beautiful brunette girl with a natural bush.

Abby Winters Melina – Australian Beauty

Team AW is doing an amazing job since the movie to Europe with hundreds of fun girls of many nationalities. The recent updates prove that beauty, erotic and sensuality are not defined by national borders or corporate stereo types. For a long time I was convinced that what made Abby Winters work so well is that it was Australian. While I still post tons of Aussie girls like Abby Winters Melina I know recognize my own stereotypes of beauty held me back. Abby Winters works so well because it empowers the girls to express themselves. It works because they trust the girls to define their own sexuality. And frankly, it works because the photographers and videographers are all women. Many any of whom have worked on both sides of the camera.

Abby Winters Melina – Other Shoots

In total, Abby Winters Milena has done 7 shoots. There are over 600 pics of her in 3 galleries and almost 2 hours of videos. Click here to preview them all. If you are a fan of intimate moments solo and mutual masturbation videos you will appreciate Melina’s other videos. Check them out take a minute to use the comments section to let me know what you think. Until next timeā€¦ stay randy everyone!

Abby Winters Melina – Editors Note

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Abby Winters: Naturally Delicious Updated Daily since 2000

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