Abby Winters Manon – Cute Cuddly Clown

Abby Winters Manon – Cute Cuddly Clown
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Abby Winters Manon – Cute Cuddly Clown

Abby Winters Manon is a beautiful 22 year old natural blonde French girl with supple puffy nipples and a delightful treasure trail leading to a perfect fluffy blonde bush. These pictures are from her first time on Abby Winters.

This Abby Winters shoot has 261 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Manon on Abby Winters

This Abby Winters shoot has 261 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Manon on Abby Winters

This Abby Winters shoot has 261 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Manon on Abby Winters

This Abby Winters shoot has 261 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Manon on Abby Winters

Abby Winters Manon – By Request

After the earlier update of the beautiful Irish woman named Daisy B, lets jump back to the Continent with a delightful amateur French girl. If you missed the Daisy B post it is here: Abby Winters Daisy B – Ravishing Redhead. Yes, Abby Winters Manon is French. Perhaps it is a stereotype but as soon as I learn someone is French I know they are going to be sensual and sexual. Of course, Manon’s set only reinforced my perceptions. She seems to natural ooze sex appeal as if sensuality leaks from her pores.

Regular readers know I have a soft spot in my heart for natural girls with thick soft bushes of pubic hair. When I saw Manon’s light lovely treasure trail of hair leading from her navel to her nether regions I was smitten with her.

If you are the reader that requested a gallery of Abby Winters Manon I owe you a debt of gratitude. She is lovely. If anyone reading this is familiar with other AW girls with ‘treasure trails’ let me know. I’d love to feature more on my blog. As always if you have any request of a shoot, girl or niche use the search feature in the upper right corner to inform me. I will do my best to include them in future updates.

Abby Winters Manon – Other Members View

As I have been doing a lot lately I am going to include the opinions of a couple of other members about this shoot with Abby Winters Manon because I think it provides an interesting perspective. I may not agree with everything that is said but it is interesting. It gives me a new way to look at the shoot.

“There have been a lot of shoots to love here lately, and some might get lost in the shuffle, but I’m glad I didn’t miss this one. Manon is a clown by trade, and that shows in her flexibility, her relaxed attitude in front of the camera (though I’m sure Masie helped), and her colorful leggings…which don’t stay on for long.

This is good, as Manon is a joy to watch and listen to. (Wavy hair, glasses, cute accent…pushes many of my buttons.) She has a lovely petite body and a sharp mind, and she’s quite cute. And when she pleasures herself at the end (lying on her tummy as we get to see her rock and wriggle ) …after she climaxes, seeing her flushed face and her delightful breasts with big hard nipples and her sweet satisfied smile…well, my heart, and other parts of me, jumped for joy. Merci!”


“This is a lovely shoot. Manon is such a sweet girl, and Masie has captured her beautifully. Manon tells us where she’s from, and that she and her boyfriend are clowns and acrobats — which explains why she has such a perfect body. Manon also explains that this is her first nude shoot, and how she’s very comfortable with her body and nudity. It will be interesting to see if she and her boyfriend do a boy-girl shoot. Nudity is one thing; hardcore porn is another.”

Abby Winters Manon – Boy-Girl w/ Lukas

The pictures in this gallery are from Abby Winters Manon‘s first time with Team AW. Interestingly the quote above ponders whether or not Manon will do a shoot with her real life boyfriend and fellow clown Lukas. Perhaps the writer had a crystal ball or can read cards because Manon did come back for a boy-girl shoot with her boyfriend. To check it out now click here. Manon and Lukas are both clowns and acrobats. This hour long video shows they have the stamina and flexibility you’d expect from an acrobat.

Abby Winters Manon – Other Galleries & Videos

Click here for more sample pics and free preview videos of Abby Winters Manon. She has done 4 shoots to date including a super sexy boy-girl shoot with her real life boyfriend Lukas. In total, there are 698 pictures and almost 4 hours of video of Abby Winters Manon.

Editors Note

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Abby Winters: Naturally Delicious Updated Daily since 2000

Click here for a free tour w/ preview videos of Abby Winters

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