Abby Winters Lucie L and Paulina Girl Girl Tribbing

Abby Winters Lucie L and Paulina Girl Girl Tribbing
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Abby Winters Lucie L and Paulina Girl Girl Tribbing

Abby Winters Lucie L and Paulina features two sexy natural athletic European girls in these pics, gallery and video of an intense lesbian girl girl tribbing shoot from Abby Winters. Like many of the girls that hang with the crew at Abby Winters they redefine beauty for themselves throwing away stereo types of what is erotic.

This Abby Winters shoot has 186 pics and over an hour of video

See a preview video and pics of Lucie L and Paulina – Click Here!

Abby Winters Lucie L and Paulina Girl Girl Tribbing

Hiya Abby Winters fans new and old. I’ve decided to post another great hardcore girl girl (Abby Winters Lesbian) gallery. This is from a very new shoot just done in September. It features Lucie L and Paulina in a super sexy cross between an oily tantric massage and nude yoga session. If the nude yoga is focused a lot more on passionate erotic kisses, fingers exploring each others vaginas, and slow intense rubbing and grinding of naughty bits than doing the downward dog or other yoga poses.

Abby Winters Lucie L and Paulina are really toned with defined muscles that can only come with a dedicated workout routine. Paulina, in particular is the type of amateur girl that is try to highlight naked athletic girls tag. Of course, I love girls of all shapes and sizes but watching her tight toned stomach muscles clench with she was tribbing with Lucie L struck me as far more erotic than I would have expected from my usual watching of hardcore girl girl videos on Abby Winters. Be sure to check it out for yourself. Even if you are not a member the video preview (click here) will give a little peak of their intensity.

Abby Winters Paulina – Spanish Passion

Paulina is 26 years old. I read she is Spanish which fits perfectly into my probably naive stereotype that all Spaniards are incredibly sexy and erotic. Hence my creating the naked Spanish girls tag for I Love Abby Winters. She is usually all natural or lightly trimmed which is why I included her in the natural hairy bush section. I really need to think of a more tactful way to say this. I feel so awkward when I mention with or not any of the Abby Winters girls have shaved their vaginas or prefer to stay natural. Yet many readers focus on that so I feel obligated to mention even if it feels weird to me.

Anyway, Paulina has done a lot with Abby Winters. She is new to the site and still very active I believe. So far she has been in 11 different shoots with Abby Winters. All total there are over 2,200 pics of her in the various galleries and over 9 hours of videos. By clicking here you can see more preview pics from the galleries of her various shoots and watch some free preview videos hosted by Abby Winters directly on their site.

Abby Winters Boy Girl – Paulina and Adrian

Paulina has been a part of some Solo shoots, but does a lot more Girl Girl for Abby Winters. Paulina even did a Boy Girl for Abby Winters last year. I am not sure if I will post Abby Winters Boy Girl content on here. It is new to me. Paulina was with Adrian. Abby Winters only does Boy Girl videos when the girl has a partner / boyfriend that wants to participate so that is kind of cool. I still need to think this through if I feel comfortable posting them here. If you are curious, click here and you can check out the previews of Abby Winters Paulina and Andrian video. He is a good looking guy and they do seem to be comfortable and passionate in front of the camera. Let me know what you think of the video.

Abby Winters Lucie L – Blond French

Lucie L is a fit attractive French girl paired with Paulina in the pics from gallery above. I want to post more amateur naked french girls from Abby Winters in the future. She has only been in one other shoot for Abby Winters that I am aware. I am linking to it on the Abby Winters site (click here) if you want to check out the preview pics and video. However, be forewarned, it shows her on her period. I don’t really understand that particular niche. Some find it erotic so Abby Winters doesn’t shy away from it. I don’t know, sure it is natural but to highlight it. Eh whatever, I am sure some find it odd that I find a girl in glass or a nice round bum to be incredibly sexy also. Who am I to judge?

Abby Winters Paulina – UPDATE

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: For those who crave more of Abby Winters Paulina I have just updated with a new girl-girl shoot in which she was recently featured. You can find my post here: Abby Winters Kate G and Paulina – Hairy Lesbians.

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