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Abby Winters Lesbian:

Abby Winters Lesbian shoots are called girl girl shoots on the website. To be honest, the navigation can be a little confusing at times. Within the girl girl category of groups it Abby Winters Lesbians are further divided into three subgroups. They are: 1) Girl Girl Hardcore 2) Girl Girl Fun 3) Girl Girl Make Out

Now please don’t think I am complaining when I say that the navigation can be confusing. I am not. The site contains over 750 different girl girl shoots click here for a free preview. They add at least one new one a week. I give you permission to take me over your knee and paddle my bottom if I come across as being negative about it. Frankly no other website contains as many incredibly hot amateur girls having fun, making out or having sex together as Abby Winters 

To make navigation on I Love Abby Winters easier I have placed most Abby Winters Lesbian post under a tag of Girl Girl. (opens in new window). I regularly update it with the some of my favorite Girl Girl shoots from all three Abby Winters Lesbian Categories.

Abby Winters Lesbian Girl Girl Hardcore:

This category with hundreds of shoots is exactly what you would expect from the name. It is a huge collection of incredibly intense passionate pics and videos of amateur girls making love. These are not like you see on many porn videos tube sites. These are real girls exploring and making love. You will find two and occasionally three girls getting to know each other, getting naked and going wherever the moment leads them. I don’t like to be vulgar on this my Abby Winters tribute blog but if want to watch the most incredible amateur lesbian high resolution videos  available you have found your home. As I said earlier, there are over 600 different shoots. They all feature intense session of Abby Winters Lesbians exploring together… fingers fingering, tongues licking, mouths slurping, hips grinding… well I think you get the picture.

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Abby Winters Lesbian Girl Girl Fun:

The vast majority of Abby Winters Lesbian shoots are in the hardcore category. They do have a “girl girl fun” category as well. These are not sexual in nature. There are over 60 of these shoots and more are added on occasion. They feature groups of Abby Winters Girls, anywhere from 2 but more often 7 or 8 and at times as many as 20, engaging activities together while naked. They may not start the shoot naked but they usually end up that way by the time the camera stops filming them. Here is an example of this kind of shoot Abby Winters Laundromat Girls. It features five beautiful amateur Australian girls getting naked and frisky,

These girl girl fun groups sets are done in a wide variety of setting and locations. Some of these are TKK Nudist and Naturalist type shoots. In those the girls are camping or bmx biking or on a picnic. Others feature groups of girls in athletic activity like greco wrestling or nude yoga or fitball exercise or belly dancing or step aerobics or jelly wrestling. Others feature Naked DIY, as I call it, which is basically naked girls showing their artistic side. Some have shoots of naked girls painting or spinning clay or screen printing. There are also shoots featuring stunningly beautiful outdoor locations like waterfalls or the beach at sunset or tire tube rafting.

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Abby Winters Lesbian Girl Girl Make Out:

Abby Winters Lesbian Girl Girl Make Out is the third subgroup you when when navigating within the Girl Girl section of Abby Winters Lesbian content. It is exactly what you would expect from the name: Girl kissing girls. The content is fairly tame for those looking for hardcore amateur girls engaged in lesbian sex but do not think it is any less erotic or arousing. Frankly, for me I find some of these shoots to be far sexier than the hardcore Abby Winters Lesbian shoots. I find that, at times, my mind creates a story that is more erotic than what actually happened between the woman.

Please don’t misconstrue what I am saying. I am thrilled that Abby Winters is a sex-positive place where the team respects boundaries and lets the girls share as much or as little as they want. I don’t care if it is solo shoot, boy girl or girl girl the reason Abby Winters is such a great site the respect shown to all involved in the project. As I have said elsewhere on my blog I Love Abby Winters that is why I have dedicated this entire site to my favorite adult website.

However, I find it incredibly sexy to watch people kissing. Frankly, I do not care it if is a boy and a girl, a girl and a girl, or even two boys. The closeness and intimacy that comes with a kiss is sexy. Lips pressed together, the flickering of tongues, feeling the other persons hot breath on your face… that is hot. And I don’t know about you, but I have a dirty mind. I don’t say that with shame. I mention it because it is part of the reason I think the Girl Girl Make Out shoots are even more arousing than the shoots that feature actual Abby Winters girls fully naked making love, ei: Abby Winters Lesbians. What I started with at the top of this page.

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Abby Winters Lesbian Girls Continued:

Sorry folks but I am tired. I have been at this page about Abby Winters lesbian girl girl content for far longer than I expected. I have barely even started to scratch the surface of all that I wanted to tell you. I did want to mention that in addition to the three subcategories outlined above Abby Winters also has fetish pages. These fetish pages are another useful way to navigate the huge archive. It is huge as they are approaching 2,000 girls on the site over the years. So the fetish pages are helpful.

Abby Winters Lesbian content is found on several of the fetish pages. They include: “lesbian anal fingering”, “lesbian pussy eating”, and “interacial lesbians”. I was going to link to them for you to be able to preview but I up way past me bedtime. Sorry, maybe I can add to this another time but for now I bid you good night. May you have awesome dreams. I hope some of them are naughty!

Abby Winters has over 750 Girl Girl Lesbian Shoots:

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