Abby Winters Laundromat Girls – Mass Nudity

Abby Winters Laundromat Girls – Mass Nudity
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Abby Winters Laundromat Girls – Mass Nudity

Abby Winters Laundromat Girls features five beautiful amateur girls from Abby Winters getting naked and having fun in of all places a laundromat. Public nudity is always more fun in groups, especially when it is with a groups of beautiful amateur Australian girls!

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Abby Winters Laundromat Girls – Naked Group Fun

It is so damn cold in my part of the world right now and I am still getting over this nasty flu bug so I decided I wanted to go way back into the Abby Winters archive to find a fun warm shoot from when Abby Winters was still in Australian. I did this because I wanted to feel warm and happy and nothing than can distract me better than warm Aussie memories of happy girls having fun together. Abby Winters Laundromat Girls is the perfect shoot because, heck what can be warmer than a laundromat filled with beautiful amateur girls smiling, giggling and having fun!

Team AW out did themselves with this at this shoot where five (yes, you read it right: five!) beautiful amateur girls. At the time this was one of the first of the mass nudity type shoots with multiple girls that I mention in this post abby winters lesbian. While none of the girls make love or have sex it is still super sexy and fun! Of course more intimate girl girl shoots that are hardcore have there place, but having these five girls caressing each other certainly warms my soul and is just as erotic!

Abby Winters Laundromat Girls – Cleo, Sue Ann, Dominica, Indiana, Angie

The Abby Winters Laundromat Girls video and shoot features In this set, Cleo, Sue Ann, Dominica, Indiana and Angie as the lucky participants in the action. I was going to say “in this lesbian orgy”, but as I wrote above, I’m not sure if that is the right term to use because while these girls touch each other, kiss, play around naked, and have just a bit of lesbian sex per se, so it’s not exactly an orgy, but heck, it’s not too far from it either!

Anyway, these hotties get together at a Laundromat and take their clothes off to wash them, but seeing each other naked is too much for them to resist and they quickly begin exploring one another with fingers and tongues. Lots of girl-swapping, two-on-one and tons of lesbian group action await you in this set. There are more than 30 minutes of video, and I gotta tell you… you will love every second of it!

Abby Winters Laundromat Girls – 1st UPDATE I just posted an update of a gallery with Cleo. She is the woman with the amazing tan lines and the blond highlights in her hair. The following link will bring you to my gallery of Cleo Abby Winters Cleo.

Abby Winters Laundromat Girls – 2nd UPDATE I have now updated with, Dominica, another of the Laundromat Girls. She is the Latina with dark black hair, a petite body and puffy nipples. The following link will bring you to my gallery of Dominica Abby Winters Dominica – Belly Dancing Latina.

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