Abby Winters Kendra – Naked Teen Tanlines

Abby Winters Kendra – Naked Teen Tanlines
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Abby Winters Kendra Naked Teen Tanlines

Abby Winters Kendra is a Dutch girl that shows off her incredible tanlines naked under the hot Australian sun. Kendra was 18 years old at the time of the shoot but carries herself with the poise and style someone much older.

This Abby Winters shoot has 144 pics and video

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Abby Winters Kendra Outdoor Naked Fun

Today’s post of Kendra and her incredible sexy naked tanlines from Abby Winters is by request. I can see the results of fans searches when they use the search box in the upper right hand corner of my daily labor of love dedicated to the beautiful amateur girls of Abby Winters. There were two searches for Kendra yesterday. So if you are to shy to post a comment or email me feel free to use the search feature and I will do my best to post whatever Abby Winters girl interest you.

So, wow, what can I say about Kendra. The pictures from her shoot tell most of the story. She is an 18 year old Dutch girl that was spending time Australia. Lucky for fans she decided to get naked and giggly outdoors for team Abby Winters. I adore her smile and curves. Her nude tanlines… wowzers. They speak for themselves.

Why are naked tanlines so darn sexy

I have always found tanlines to be sexy. I was never sure why, but a girlfriend once theorized that naked tanlines are sexy because they imply naughty. The brain sees the tanlines and knows that in most places those areas are covered. So there is a voyeur type feeling that you are seeing something that, perhaps, you shouldn’t. They imply something intimate that person doesn’t share with just everyone. I am not sure her armchair pyschology is very accurate but on some level it made sense to me. I know that I find Kendra’s tanlines in this Abby Winters gallery amazing. I tag naked nude tanlines post for those that want to test the theory..

While Kendra did the pics and a video at an outdoor location for the shoot I featured in this gallery, she also did an Intimate Moments masturbation shoot for Abby Winters. Intimate Moments are often solo or sometimes two girls side by side masturbating. Not all girls are comfortable with this level of intensity but for those that do it is always very personal and special. If your curious to see Kendra’s Intimate Moments shoot click here and it will take you it on the Abby Winters website.

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