Abby Winters Katya Y – Books Brains GirlFur

Abby Winters Katya Y – Books Brains GirlFur
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Abby Winters Katya Y – Books Brains GirlFur

Abby Winters Katya Y is a beautiful 23 year old amateur Australian girl that was active with team Abby Winters back in 04/05. She is a tall brunette with a fabulous slim body.

This Abby Winters shoot has 196 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Katya Y on Abby Winters

This Abby Winters shoot has 196 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Katya Y on Abby Winters

Abby Winters Katya Y – Reader Request

Today’s update features Abby Winters Katya Y by request. I hadn’t remembered her until I dug far back into the Abby Winters archive. Once I saw her I wondered how I could have ever forget. Back in the early days, Abby Winters Katya Y was one of the first girls on the site that left me smitten. Her face has lovely soft features, super sexy long legs and a tall frame that has wonderful curves.

I picked this shoot of Abby Winters Katya Y because it takes place in her reading room. Regular readers know I am smitten with smart, intellectual, dare I even say, geeky girls. Sultry beauty, an intriguing personality, open sensuality, and intelligence are not always easy to find in one woman, and Abby Winters Katya Y has them all, in abundance. To listen to her sultry voice is a pleasure. When she jokes about us seeing her books from school and looking intelligent in front of her natural habitat of her bookshelves I fell in love. Lol

Abby Winters Katya Y – Naughty Day Dreams

I could day dream about Abby Winters Katya Y until long after the sun sets. Of course my dreams are a wee bit randy and raunchier than most. I close my eyes and see myself spotting Katya Y studying in a quiet corner of the University library. When she spots me watching her through the racks she gets a mischievous smile and unbuttons the top of her jeans and opens them to reveal her lovely thick patch of girlfur. The runs her fingers through her pubic hair, pulling at it while slowly inserting a single finger into her wet womanhood. Wow… I better stop here before I get nothing done today. Don’t snicker at me… we are all allowed to have our fantasies right?

Abby Winters Katya Y – Other Galleries & Videos

Abby Winters Katya Y was featured in 8 shoot with 1,817 pictures and almost 4 hours of video of her available. She played naked with 6 other Abby Winters girls. Click here to view her profile page on Abby Winters. More free pictures and sample videos are available from her entire portfolio.

Update Update Update

If you dig Katya Y as much as I do you’ll be happy to know I just posted another gallery featuring this beautiful natural Aussie girl. You can find it here Abby Winters Katya Y – Gorgeous Giantess.

Editors Note

If you were trying to find Katya D and ended up on this page with a gallery of Katya Y by mistake don’t worry because I’ve got you. I have recently featured Katya D in a gallery. You can find it here Abby Winters Katya D – Strength Beauty Yoga.

2nd Note: I am not sure exactly what it is about her but I just posted a gallery of a beautiful Belgian woman name Esmerelda and she reminds me of Katya Y. While they certainly not dopplegangers for each other they both have dark hair, fair skin and long legs. If you like Katya Y perhaps you’ll like Esmerelda. You can see her gallery here Abby Winters Esmerelda – Office Fantasy.

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