Abby Winters Kate G – Creamy Aussie Perfection

Abby Winters Kate G – Creamy Aussie Perfection
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Abby Winters Kate G – Creamy Aussie Perfection

Abby Winters Kate G is a super cute 21 year old amateur Australian girl. These pictures are from a brand new Abby Winters set of her just released last week. Scroll down to see her creamy skin, delectable curves and yummy hairy armpits and vagina.

This Abby Winters shoot has 145 pics and video

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Abby Winters Kate G – A Reader Request

Hiya Abby Winters fans. I am posting Abby Winters Kate G today by request (remember to use the search tool so I can see who folks would like me to highlight). She is relatively new to Abby Winters. She was first featured this past August and these pictures are from a shoot that just dropped on January 31. I can’t wait to see the accompanying video. I hope it is released soon!

Abby Winters Kate G – More than a great smile

The first thing you notice about Abby Winters Kate G is her beautiful, almost cherubic, face. She has a great smile and lovely soft features. As she undresses she reveals her incredibley sexy figure. She has flawless creamy white skin. Her lovely thick bush of dirty blonde pubic hair contrast nicely with her creamy skin. I totally adore her oh so squeezable thighs and bottom. She also has the cutest little tummy. I love how soft and cuddly she appears to be in so many of the pictures. Who knows, perhaps she has ice running through her veins, but from the looks of this shoot strikes me as a fantastic cuddle bunny to curl up with under the sheets on a cold day.

I normally don’t post this many nudie pictures from shoot because I enjoy the teasing that comes through a revealing progression of pictures as the girls disrobe. But Kate G has such a great figure that was captured so well by the photographer that I struggled to edit my list of favorites down. Stay tuned for when her video is release because if they still are any indication I am sure the video will be super sexy and fun. Her notes after her shoot remark that she found so many fun ways to masturbate so, yeah, the video is going to be a spicy sexy one for sure.

Abby Winters Kate G – Other Galleries & Vids

Abby Winters Kate G has been featured in 5 shoots to date. There are 659 pictures and over 3 hours of video featuring her available and hopefully more to come. To check out her other shoots on Abby Winters click here. You will find more sample pictures and free video previews of Abby Winters Kate G.

Abby Winters Kate G – UPDATED UPDATED

1st UPDATE: For folks interested in seeing more of the wonderful Kate G I just posted an update of her 1st girl girl shoot. You can find it here Abby Winters Kate G and Thais. I plan to do another update from a brand new solo shoot of Kate G that was just released this month so if you adore her as much as me bookmark this and check back soon.


UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: For those who crave more of Kate G, I have just updated with a new girl-girl shoot in which she was recently featured. You can find my post here: Abby Winters Kate G and Paulina – Hairy Lesbians.


UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: I just posted another great gallery of Kate G from a hot solo shoot where she gets, well shall we say, a little tied up. Check it out here Abby Winters Kate G – Rope Play.


UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Yuppers, you guessed it I am still obessed with Kate G and created a new gallery of her featuring pictures from her first solo. You can see it here Abby Winters Kate G – Cockatiels & Lighthouses.

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