Abby Winters Karen A – Glasses and Smiles

Abby Winters Karen A – Glasses and Smiles
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Abby Winters Karen A – Tall Toned Beauty

Abby Winters Karen A is a beautiful tall toned 27 year old girl. The pics in this gallery are from an Abby Winters shoot she did last year with Ursula.

This Abby Winters shoot has 213 pics and video

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Abby Winters Karen A – Glasses and Smiles

Hi folks. Sorry about not updating yesterday. I am dropping in with a short update now featuring the beautiful dark skinned hippie girl Abby Winters Karen A. I decided to post a beautiful amateur girl in glasses today because I hadn’t since I posted Abby Winters Gretchen last week. When I searched Abby Winters for glasses, Karen A’s smile immediately caught my attention. As I am writing this I caught myself day dreaming she and I get together to read up on a craft project. As we geeked out together she seduced me and it turned into a steamy afternoon of frolic. Don’t snicker at me. She does say she enjoys DIY projects and crafts. I am allowed to have fantasies.

Karen must be a regular at the gym. Not only is she very fit and toned but, as you can see in the preview video (click here) she is very flexible. I know there is no way in the world I can pull my legs that far back unless I stretch regularly. Of course, I’d be happy to try if I was partnered up with someone as sexy as Karen.

Abby Winters Karen A – Dark Skinned Hippie

Abby Winters Karen A has dreadlocks. Here in the States people with dreadlocks are often part of the hippie subculture. I wish I knew more about the various European cultures of the amateurs that are featured on Abby Winters. Perhaps her dreadlocks are more a part of her culture than a hippy thing. Irregardless, Abby Winters Karen A radiates a beautiful glow that shines through in her video. I am not sure about her nationality but her accent is delightful. I needed to start posting more women of color. The contrast her dark skin and purple panties is super sexy. I hope you agree.

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