Abby Winters Jill – Short Haired Hairy Hottie

Abby Winters Jill – Short Haired Hairy Hottie
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Abby Winters Jill – Short Haired Hairy Hottie

Abby Winters Jill is stunning short haired 23 year old amateur hottie that been featured on Abby Winters twice in the last year. She is a petite beauty that is natural and hairy all over.

This Abby Winters shoot has 195 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Jill on Abby Winters

This Abby Winters shoot has 195 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Jill on Abby Winters

Abby Winters Jill – Bohemian Beauty

I decided to feature Abby Winters Jill today because I simply adore short hair naked girls. I am glad I did because I am not sure I would have found Jill otherwise. With nearly 2,000 amateur girls having been on Abby Winters over the years I don’t think I will ever see them all.

But I digress, while I am really digging Abby Winters Jill‘s short hair there is so much more to her that appeals to me. In each of her shoots she gives off this really happy fun bohemian hippie type vibe. I hope that doesn’t sound negative because I mean it as a positive. It is a super fun and sexy style. And by golly she certainly is beautiful. Of course, I noticed her great natural body but it is more than that with her.

I always notice great eyes and a beautiful smile and Abby Winters Jill certainly has them but it also struck me that she has very high cheek bones. In a different setting and with different clothes she has the face, particularly those cheek bones, that I associate with high-end Paris fashion models. I am not talking about the icky plastic waif like bodies they have but those facial features that fashion models seem to posses. Anyway… that’s my 2 cents but what do I know. I just write a little blog admiring beautiful bold amateur women naked.

Abby Winters Jill – Cows and Giggles

Click here if you haven’t had a chance to check out the video that accompanied this shoot of Abby Winters Jill. She is awesome. She is super funny and charming and of course super sexy. She shares some fun sexy stories and gives a naughty spin to the standard game of ‘truth or dare’. It somehow winds up with her being naked. teehee. She follows up with some super erotic masturbation using some of her favorite vibrators bringing herself to an incredible orgasm. And the best part is listening to her giggle after she orgasms. Wow super cute.

Abby Winters Jill – Other Galleries & Vids

Click here to see all of Jill’s shoots on Abby Winters. You will find more sample pictures and free video previews available. Abby Winters Jill has been featured twice so far. There are 300 pictures and over an hour of video available of her. I am keep my fingers crossed that we see a lot more of this delightful short haired hottie in the year to come.

Editors Note:

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Abby Winters: Naturally Delicious Updated Daily since 2000

Click here for a free tour w/ preview videos of Abby Winters

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