Abby Winters Jemma M – Warm Beauty

Abby Winters Jemma M – Warm Beauty
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Abby Winters Jemma M – Warm Beauty

Abby Winters Jemma M is 21 years old Australian girl. These outdoor pics and gallery are from the third time she appeared on Abby Winters. They were taken in her own yard.

This Abby Winters shoot has 196 pics and video

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Abby Winters Jemma M – Naked Outside

Today we got our first snow storm of winter. So I decided to daydream of warmer places. So I decided to go back Australian with Team AW. While I loved Abby Winters Jemma M‘s first shoot when she was wearing glasses, I went with this one because it conveyed warmth to me. The fun giggles that I could hear throughout the video put me in a sunny mood. Jemma M’s natural beauty left me feeling warm all over.

It is so damn cold today. I look out my window at the barren snow covered trees and listen to the wind howl. It is fun to watch this Abby Winters video of the lovely 21 year old Abby Winters Jemma M as she enjoys the beautiful outdoors on a warm sunny day. Now if only I could find a way to transport myself to be with her as she slips out of her dress and reveals her flawless fair milky white skin and supple body. I noticed she has perfect hips. That isn’t something I usually notice, but in some of the pics her hip curves stuck me as super sexy. Mmmmm just the thought of laying next to her and resting my hand on her hips warms me up.

If this isn’t the Jemma that you have been trying to learn more about I have also featured Abby Winters Jemma – Slim and Slender. Simply click on that title to see my gallery. Featured here is Jemma M, note the M. On the linked page it is Jemma without the M. With almost 2,000 women on AW over the last 18 years it can be hard to keep track of all the beauty. 😉

Abby Winters Jemma M – Other Shoots

As I mentioned above, these pics are from Jemma’s third time on Abby Winters. In total, Abby Winters Jemma M was featured four times over a couple of years. There are nearly 1,000 pics of her and a hour of video from her various shoots. Click here to go to the Abby Winters site and see more free preview pics and video of Jemma M.

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