Abby Winters Janie Young and Sweet

Abby Winters Janie Young and Sweet
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Abby Winters Janie Young and Sweet

Abby Winters Janie admirers, tonight is your lucky night. In the spirit of Thanksgiving I am posting pics from two different galleries that Janie did for Team AW. Janie is the perfect ‘girl-next-door’ if all your neighbors are incredibly cute Aussie girls.

This Abby Winters shoot has 277 pics and video

See a preview video and pics of Janie – Click Here!

Abby Winters Janie – Young Sweet 2 sets

Nineteen year old cute Janie returned to AbbyLand for this delightful solo kitchen shoot. She has been featured by Team AW a total of eight times now with a nice mix of solo and girl girl shoots. This is the first time I have blogged about this awesome amateur girl on my Abby Winters Blog. At times I must sound like a broken record but she is another favorite of mine. I simply adore her cute “girl-next-door” looks and style.

I joked above that I was doing this post with pics from two different shoots in the “spirit of thanksgiving”. That is a stretch. Yes, living in the United States I have today off from work so I was able to do to post today instead of just one. However, the real reason I picked Abby Winters Janie pictures from two of her various shoots is it was to darn hard for me to select from just one. I mean… yowzers, take a look at her. Her nude tan lines are incredible. Her attitude in the video is fun fun fun.

Abby Winters Janie – Shaved Perfection

Abby Winters Janie shows off a bare vagina in one of the shoots. I included those pics because I know for some of you that is a major turn-on. Personally, it isn’t my thing. I prefer my partner to be natural because it just seems right to me. But, at the end of the day, I don’t really care. As I have said on here many times before. Who you are is far sexier than any given body part. Just be yourself and love yourself. A partner with confidence in themselves and their body is always a better lover!

One last thing I’d like to mention is that Abby Winters Janie was one of the five girls from the amazing sunset girls collection. I will do a full post about it another time, but for those who can’t wait click here and you can see some free previews on the Abby Winters site. It is an incredible group nudity gallery with breath taking views of an Aussie sunset. The five girls frolic around and just have a ton of naked fun on the beach that night.

Update: While I haven’t made a gallery featuring the Sunset Girls special yet, I do have galleries featuring two of the other Sunset Girls. The first one with Laura P has a few pictures from the Sunset Girls shoot. You can find them here 1) Abby Winters Laura P and 2) Abby Winters Michaela.

Editors Note – Shaved AW Girls

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