Abby Winters Emilia and Amanda B – Hairy Lesbians

Abby Winters Emilia and Amanda B – Hairy Lesbians
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Abby Winters Emilia and Amanda B – Hairy Lesbians

Abby Winters Emilia and Amanda B are two beautiful natural hairy amateur girls featured in this “Lesbian 69” Abby Winters shoot from this past summer. Both girls are sexy natural hairy amateurs in their early 20s.

This Abby Winters shoot has 289 pics and an hour of video

Click Here! – Free preview of Emilia and Amanda B on Abby Winters

This Abby Winters shoot has 289 pics and an hour of video

Click Here! – Free preview of Emilia and Amanda B on Abby Winters

Abby Winters Emilia and Amanda B – Naturally Hairy & Glasses

Ever since I wrote this update Abby Winters Emilia I have been geeking hard for Emilia because I love her style and look. Regular readers know I have a thing for natural hairy brunettes. It is just a bonus that Emilia wears glasses. I am smitten with her. I hadn’t watched any of her girl girl videos yet so that was my mission for today. When I discovered this video of Abby Winters Emilia and Amanda B from last summer and saw that Amanda is natural and wears glasses like Emilia my jaw dropped. Someday I would like to make a large page dedicated to Emilia for everyone but for today you will have settle for this post

Updated: I haven’t created a dedicated page yet for Emila but I did just feature her again. For easier navigation I am updating with it here for those who adore her as much as me. It is Emilia Abby Winters Soapy Sudsy Fun.

Abby Winters Emilia and Amanda B – Intuitive Natural Lovers

While this is the first time that Abby Winters Emilia and Amanda B have been paired together on the site it felt like they had been together before because they didn’t have any hesitation when they made love. One of the things that is great about Abby Winters is everyone’s personal boundaries are respected and the team strives to create a sex positive atmosphere so most videos have an incredibly natural feel to them. I always feel as if I am a friend who is being allowed to be a part of something special when I watch a video. My friends would have to be very open minded to let me hang out with them and watch these special intimate times. lol Yet, this shoot felt special to me. Perhaps it is because both Abby Winters Emilia and Amanda B have both been on the site more than 20 times. Or maybe they are just a lot more comfortable with themselves and their sexuality than the typical person. Whatever it is I like it and I like it a lot!

Abby Winters Emilia – Before and After

I geeked out a bit posting the shoot notes that Emilia wrote. I couldn’t help myself when I saw her doodles of the glasses. Almost all Abby Winters shoots include notes written by the girls from before and after the shoot. I seldom post them because I only have so much space here but I do enjoy reading them. The notes and also the short video interviews that are often done before and after the shoots help to give me a connection to the girls themselves. I wish other adult sites did this because shows that the girls are real people and not just “models” to be objectified. It makes the “action” hotter when you know more about the person and what makes them tick.

Abby Winters Emilia and Amanda B – Lesbian 69 and more

I am not going to write a lot about the actual shoot between these two fantastic amateur lesbian lovers. I tried to choose some of my favorite pics for you to preview. There are to many things I liked about this shoot to write about them all. I love that they kept their glasses on for the entire shoot. As I have written about many times, I simply find naked girls in glasses to be super sexy. Maybe I fetishize glasses more than I should but it works for me.

Frankly, you should stop reading my blather and just watch the video yourself. If you aren’t a member of Abby Winters yet, you can watch a super hot free video preview of them by clicking here.

As a fan of natural hairy girls watching Abby Winters Emilia and Amanda B in the “69” position was awesome. They lavishly lick and suck on each others vaginas while their pubes tickle each others noses. It left me breathless. And if that isn’t enough to turn you into a puddle of gooeyness than watching them intensely rubbing their hairy vaginas together as they engage in “tribbing aka pussy grinding” will surely leave you panting for more.

Abby Winters Emilia – Other Galleries and Vids

Click here to see the other Abby Winters Emilia shoots on their site. There are lots of free previews. In total, Abby Winters has over 2,700 pics in 20 galleries and nearly 10 hours of video of Emilia from all her visits. She has done other solo shoots and been paired with other Abby Winters girls for some super erotic masturbation and girl girl sexcapades.

Abby Winters Amanda B – Other Galleries and Vids

Abby Winters Amanda B is a 23 year old Australian girl that has been very active on Abby Winters over the last year. Click here to preview the other Abby Winters Amanda B shoots on their site. In total, Abby Winters has over 1,890 pics in 16 galleries and over 8 hours of video of Amanda B. She has done some solo shoots and a lot of amateur lesbian girl girl shoots and intimate moments masturbation videos

Abby Winters: Naturally Delicious Updated Daily since 2000

Click here for a free tour w/ preview videos of Abby Winters


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