Abby Winters Elizabeth – Cute Skinny Dipping

Abby Winters Elizabeth – Cute Skinny Dipping
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Abby Winters Elizabeth – Cute Skinny Dipping

Abby Winters Elizabeth is a beautiful petite 18 year old amateur Australian girl. These pictures go far back into the Abby Winters archive. The team had only been together for 2 or 3 years back in 2003. They are proof that beauty is timeless.

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Abby Winters Elizabeth – Timeless Beauty

These pictures of Abby Winters Elizabeth are from the early days of the site back in 2003. I am going this far back because I had a request for Elizabeth. There have been three Abby Winters Elizabeth over the years so I am not sure if this is the correct woman. If it was Elizabeth S click here for her portfolio. If it was Elizabeth M click here for her portfolio on the site.

While each other the others Abby Winters Elizabeth are lovely in their own ways I choose this one because I realized it had been a long time since I posted anyone outdoor nudity or skinny dipping. I did have this Abby Winters Girls Nude Skinny Dipping gallery but that was a long time ago.

Skinny dipping shoots are always fun. They are extra nice this time of year for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere because it is winter and super cold outside. The idea of getting naked and frolicing around naked in a warm lake or beach is refreshing. Of course, it is always fun to shed our inhibitions and dip nude. This shoot with Abby Winters Elizabeth is no exception. Although from the looks of it the water may have been a wee bit chilly for her. Enough from me. Enjoy the gallery. Stay safe and sexy everyone.

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Abby Winters Elizabeth is featured in 9 shoots. Click here for more sample pictures and free video previews from Elizabeth’s portfolio on Abby Winters. You will find more sample pictures and free video previews available. There are 1,242 pictures and videos featuring the this ever adorable young Aussie girl named Abby Winters Elizabeth.

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