Abby Winters Daniela D – Hairy Moldovan Beauty

Abby Winters Daniela D – Hairy Moldovan Beauty
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Abby Winters Daniela D – Hairy Moldovan Beauty

Abby Winters Daniela D is a beautiful 22 year old amateur girl from Moldova. She is brand new to Abby Winters. These pictures are from a new Abby Winters shoot and video that was just released this past weekend.

This Abby Winters shoot has 324 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Daniela D on Abby Winters

This Abby Winters shoot has 324 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Daniela D on Abby Winters

Abby Winters Daniela D – Breaking Barriers

Abby Winters Daniela D is, to the best of my knowledge, the first amateur girl from Moldova to ever be featured on Abby Winters. If you are like me and grew up fairly isolated in the States you probably said, “Where on earth is Moldova?”. Moldova is a small Eastern European country close to the Black Sea between Ukraine and Romania. Ever since Team Abby Winters moved to Amsterdam it has been cool to get to see so many beautiful girls from different ethnic lineage. Yes, they did get travelers when in Australia, but it seems there has been a lot more diversity in girls ethnicity since the move to Europe. Now you probably didn’t visit I Love Abby Winters today for a geography lesson but if all the girls in Moldovan are a beautiful as Abby Winters Daniela D I think I need to pack my bags and move post haste!

Abby Winters Daniela D – Natural & Hairy Wonderland

Abby Winters Daniela D, as is probably evident from the pictures, prefers to keep her body all natural. I feel a little creepy typing this but, omg, look at those furry underarms, her light treasure trail leading that beautiful thick bush of hers. Wowzers, I refuse to get obscene in the way I talk about any of the woman who share themselves with us through Abby Winters because everyone deserves to be shown respect and we are certainly more than just a collection of body parts. Yet, golly, suffice to say Daniela D is a goddess in my book. I watch her video and see her fingers playful pull and tease her pubic hair before her fingers slide into her wetness and my brain is ready to melt from how damn sexy her body and pubes are to me.

Abby Winters Daniela D – Her Only Shoot

As I mentioned above Abby Winters Daniela D is brand new to the site. This solo shoot and video was just released in the past couple of weeks. To hear her in the video and reading her notes she said she had fun singing, dancing and playing guitar and felt totally comfortable with Giulia. (Giulia was the Abby Winters staff producer for the shoot) So hopefully she’ll be back to share more of herself with us. Imagine a girl girl shoot with another hairy Abby Winters girl. OMG that would leave me flustered for weeks. I like to think it isn’t just a fantasy. After all Abby Winters Daniela D did say that her favorite fantasy when masturbating is a threesome with two other girls. Holy smokes perhaps she could make that fantasy come alive at Abby Winters. My fingers are crossed!!!!


UPDATE: Dreams do come true. Over the last two weeks Abby Winters has released two new updates with Daniela D. One is a sizzling girl-girl shoot with Amber. The other is an incredible solo shoot. I just posted an update featuring 18 of my favorite pictures from the solo. Check it out here Abby Winters Daniela D – Hairy Girl-Next-Door.


2nd UPDATE: OMG. AW just released Daniela D’s first hardcore girl-girl sex shoot. She was paired with beautiful Aussie girl Amber who is back after a long haitus. Check it out here Abby Winters Amber and Daniela D – 69 and Tribbing.


3rd UPDATE: A brand new Daniela D solo released today October 3rd. I just created a new gallery from the new image-set of her. My new gallery is here Abby Winters Daniela D – New Solo Release.

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