Abby Winters Dani L and Lulu – Interracial Lesbians

Abby Winters Dani L and Lulu – Interracial Lesbians
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Abby Winters Dani L and Lulu – Interracial Lesbians

Abby Winters Dani L and Lulu are two beautiful natural amateur girls that came together for the first time in this hardcore girl girl shoot for Abby Winters. If you aren’t familar with them Dani L is the dark skinned British girl of African descent and Lulu has fair skin and is Spanish. While both girls have done several shoots for Abby Winters this was Lulu’s first girl girl hardcore lesbian shoot.

This Abby Winters shoot has 287 pics and over an hour of video

Click Here! – Free preview of Dani L and Lulu on Abby Winters

This Abby Winters shoot has 287 pics and over an hour of video

Click Here! – Free preview of Dani L and Lulu on Abby Winters

Abby Winters Dani L and Lulu – Contrasting Lesbian Lovers

When I wrote about Abby Winters Ilse and Mona a few days ago I mentioned that one of the things I enjoyed about their shoot was the contrast between them: a brunette and a blonde, fair skin against tan skin, natural hairy vagina rubbing a shaved vagina. So I decided to stick with that theme and find a pairing with similar contrast. It has been a while since I have posted an amateur interracial lesbian shoots as well. Hence I found this incredibly sexy pairing of Abby Winters Dani L and Lulu in the archives.

This pairing of Abby Winters Dani L and Lulu is from January 2013. While both girls have been featured a lot on Abby Winters, interestingly this was Dani L’s last girl girl shoot and Lulu’s first. I am sure though that is had nothing to do to their chemistry as Dani L wrote after that she found Lulu to be tantalizing and a great kisser. Lulu went on to do another 16 lesbian girl girl pairings with Abby Winters and that doesn’t include her multi-girl intimate moments masturbation videos with a partner. Clearly, Lulu is very comfortable with her sexuality and has a healthy libido. lol

Abby Winters Dani L and Lulu – Hairy Lovers

I am at a loss for words when writing about this pairing between Abby Winters Dani L and Lulu. I finished watching the video and don’t even know where to start. Of course, as I wrote above, I find the contrast in skin color to be very sexy but the chemistry between these to women was so intense that it can’t be dismissed as merely the result of their differences.

Their laughs, smiles and MOANS let us know that they had made a connection that day that was intense. There was lots of eye contact and lots of orgasms. They really knew how to read each others bodies. You can tell they feel it as each slowly kisses and licks each others bodies and allow their fingers and later tongues explore each other. But don’t take my word for it… just go check the video out yourself (Click Here). Make sure you and your computer are properly grounded because I know you will feel the electricity between them.

1st Update: I recently updated with a gallery featuring Lulu in one of her solos. She is as sexy as ever. Here is the link for Lulu’s gallery Abby Winters Lulu – Long Hairy Armpits.

2nd Update: I just posted another gallery of Lulu featuring images from her second solo. She is every bit as yummy playing in the snow as she is playing with a cotton ball in this gallery. Check it out here Abby Winters Lulu – Snowy Spanish Seductress.

Abby Winters Dani L – Other Galleries & Videos

Click here to see Dani L’s full portfolio in Abby Winters. This 20 year old amateur British girl has been featured in 11 shoots in all. There are 977 pictures and over 5 hours of video of this beautiful dark skinned hottie available for viewing.

Abby Winters Lulu – Other Galleries & Videos

Slim and petite 24 year old Lulu has been featured in an incredible 27 shoots for Abby Winters over the years. Click here to preview all of Abby Winters Lulu shoots on their site. In total, you’ll discover that Abby Winters has 5,825 pictures and over 20 hours of videos the beautiful natural and hairy Lulu.

Editors Note – Interracial Lesbians

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