Abby Winters Camilla – Amateur Nude Tanlines

Abby Winters Camilla – Amateur Nude Tanlines
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Abby Winters Camilla – Brand New Girl

Abby Winters Camilla just posted the gallery with these pics on the Abby Winters site four days ago. I had a request to post more of the new Abby Winters girls. When looking at the new girls from this past Thanksgiving week I was instantly enthralled by 19 year old French Canadian girl Camilla.

This Abby Winters shoot has 173 pics and video

Free preview video and pics of Camilla – Click Here!

This Abby Winters shoot has 173 pics and video

Free preview video and pics of Camilla – Click Here!

Abby Winters Camilla Nude TanLines

Regular readers know that what I love about Abby Winters is that it strives to defy corporate stereo types of what is beautiful. Instead, Abby Winters features amateur girls of all different body types affirming that we define our beauty and our sexuality. I am reminding people that because as I started writing this post I cringed when thinking about the reasons I decided to update with Abby Winters Camilla

The truth is Camilla jumped off the screen to me as my first post from the new pics and galleries this week because she checked off a lot of the things that I find to be super sexy. First, I adore brunettes. I am not sure why but that is my preference. Regular readers must know my checklist by now beautiful bums, sexy nude tan lines, topless girls in jeans, natural hairy pubes, beautiful eyes and perfect smiles. So when I spied Camilla’s pics from this weeks visit to Abby Winters it was check, check, check, check and check to all my preferences. Trust me… it was hard to narrow this down to only post six pics in this gallery.

Abby Winters Camilla – First Time

These pics are from Camilla’s first shoot at Abby Winters. It took place this past Sunday. Reading the shoots notes it seems like she had a great time doing the gallery and video with Bobby. While I want her to do whatever she feels most comfortable, I hope the positive vibe I got reading the notes are a sign the she will come back and do more with Abby Winters. Camilla in an outdoor gallery of pics or if she shared an intimate moments style video… by golly. I don’t even think I would be able to write about it because my palms would be sweaty and my knees would be weak because of the infatuation I feel towards her. Yup I am crushing hard. Insert blushing emoji here.

Editors Note

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