Abby Winters Bobbie – Naked Canadian Artist

Abby Winters Bobbie – Naked Canadian Artist
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Abby Winters Bobbie – Naked Canadian Artist

Abby Winters Bobbie is a 23 year old Canadian woman. In addition to sharing her amazing nude body with us she is also a staff photographer for Abby Winters. It is her work that has contributed to there being so many beautiful Canadian girls on Abby Winters over the last couple of years.

This Abby Winters shoot has 240 pics and a video

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Abby Winters Bobbie – Green Hair and More

I was planning to save posting about Abby Winters Bobbie until Saint Patrick’s Day because I have a corny sense of humor. But in my last post I promised to bring more diversity to the blog and, heck, you can’t get more diverse than green hair. Interestingly, Bobbie says she started dying her hair at the young age of fourteen. It is cute so I am glad she hasn’t grown out of that rebellious teen spirit.

Abby Winters Bobbie – Canadian Amateur Artist

Lately I have noticed a lot of really beautiful naked Canadian girls on the Abby Winters. I was guessing it was students studying or taking a Summer holiday in Europe because I couldn’t think of any other logical explanation. It turns out I guessed wrong. I read on the Abby Winters members forum this past weekend that Bobbie is a staff photographer. Lucky for us she is able to share her talents and taste from both sides of the camera. She is Canadian and lives in Montreal… mystery solved!

I choose this gallery of Abby Winters Bobbie first because they are from her first time as the subject of a shoot for the site. Regular readers know I appreciate a great smile, great bum and natural hairy vagina. Bobbie certainly has all three but what struck me most from the pics in her shoot was her eyes. I am not sure what color they are but they are striking and very expressive. Someone famous once said that the eyes are the window to the soul. If Bobbie’s soul is smart, happy and mesmerizing I’d say they are right.

Abby Winters Bobbie – Other Shoots & Videos

Abby Winters Bobbie has done 14 shoots to date including a super sexy girl girl shoot with her real life gal pal Mila. Click here for a preview. It is worth it just to see the sparkle in Bobbie’s eyes in the shoot profile picture.

In total, there are 2,750 pics and over 11 hours of video featuring Abby Winters Bobbie. Click here to see more of this beautiful Canadian girl on Abby Winters. Whether you prefer intimate moments masturbation videos or solo girl shoots or amateur lesbian girl girl shoots you are sure to find something you’ll enjoy featuring Bobbie because she has done several of each.

Abby Winters: Naturally Delicious Updated Daily since 2000

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