Abby Winters Ava – First Shoot Part 1

Abby Winters Ava – First Shoot Part 1
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Abby Winters Ava – First Shoot Part 1

Abby Winters Ava is a beautiful 21 year old American woman with a sly smile and lovely puffy nipples. Abby Winters Ava visited AbbyLand and became a part of the Abby Winters Experience when she was traveling through Australia.

This Abby Winters shoot has 417 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Ava on Abby Winters

This Abby Winters shoot has 417 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Ava on Abby Winters

This Abby Winters shoot has 417 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Ava on Abby Winters

This Abby Winters shoot has 417 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Ava on Abby Winters

This Abby Winters shoot has 417 pics and video

Click Here! – Free preview of Ava on Abby Winters

Abby Winters Ava – By Request

Presenting the amazing Abby Winters Ava by request. The pictures in the gallery are from her first solo. A while back I created a gallery with pictures from her third solo. That gallery can be found here Abby Winters Ava – Perfect Puffy Nipples. I feel bad because someone keeps requesting Ava and because of a quirk in the application the search is returning over 100 results. So hopefully they find this update. I am including an Abby Winters Ava bonus which you can read about below.

Abby Winters Ava – First Shoot Part 1

The reason I named this gallery of Abby Winters Ava First Shoot Part 1 is because I am doing something I have never done before on this blog. It is often hard for me to narrow down the number of pictures I use when making a gallery. I try to choose the pictures that catch my eye and are representative of the variety that is available from any single shoot. This is often hard for me but with Ava it is impossible.

This shoot, her first solo with AW, has 417 pictures. It is huge. When you couple that with how awesome Abby Winters Ava is in the shoot and the many great smiles and laughs she shares with us my task is ever harder. She also played with a lot of different “props” on this shoot and even brought her own ukulele to play nude. As a result, I decided that I would make two galleries from this Ava solo and share them on consecutive days. So, if you think this gallery is good wait for tomorrow and be prepared to be wowed with the surprise that Ava and I have ready for you.

Abby Winters Ava – Members Forum

I often wonder when I share comments from the AW Forum if people enjoy them or are tired of them. I like to share them because they provide a unique perspective but I fear people don’t like them because it results in some rather long updates. If you can give me feedback through the comments section below I’d appreciate it.

Abby Winters Ava was very active in the forum chatting about this shoot with others. She clearly was a favorite of many and she has a great cheeky attitude about her. I am going to share two post from female members because they perfectly summarize all that is Ava. Remember Ava prefers woman so the flirting in these comments is fun.

“Ava, you are almost perfect – Smile that lights up the room (and my heart), sparkling, laughing eyes, the CUTEST breasts, and an AMAZING Figure – I’m so tired of girls that look like concentration camp survivors or anorexic boys – We’re GIRLS dammit, and we have CURVES! I *LOVE* the fact that you’re slightly crazy (OK, a Lot Crazy!), but in a Nice way – I’m not exactly considered ‘Normal’ myself, and I take pride in my craziness – ‘Normal’ people are Boring!

You truly are someone I’d like to just ‘Hang Out’ with, talking, laughing, sharing stories, whatever – Maybe a ‘Sleepover’? If things got ‘Physical’, wonderful, I can give or take as well as anyone, but even if it didn’t go that way, You’d just be fun to spend time with – I know it would be fun and interesting! Getting Crazy and Naked would be more fun, but whatever happened, I’d be Thrilled!

And if you’re wondering about the “Almost Perfect”…. I’m in the USA, you’re in Oz – Kinda hard to meet with a few thousand miles between us!

Still, you are AMAZING, Honestly among my Favourites!
Stay Sweet, Stay Crazy, and Be HAPPY!
Hugs, -Ali- “

“Ava – American woman here.

Here is what I want to tell you: I love your spirit, your laughter and sense of adventure. I love the grace of your hands. Your nipples : one can write sonnets to them, the poofy, the big hard nips, the deep deep color. I think you have a spectacular behind. your sexual responsiveness is a joy to behold. Your lips are so so smooth: what do you put on them, like some special chapstick of the goddesses? You look strong, like you could beat up anyone who tried to mess with me or my wheelchair, I love that. I love the way you make love to the girls and to yourself. I love Bob and what all you do with him.



When “Dancer” mentions “Bob” that is a surprise that you’ll see in Ava’s First Shoot Part 2 when I update with that gallery. Trust me it is worth the wait.

Abby Winters Ava – Other Galleries & Videos

Click here for more sample pictures and free video previews of Abby Winters Ava. She has 9 shoots in her portfolio that include 2,292 pictures and almost 6 hours of videos of Ava, her smile, her puffy nipples, her thick bottom and her super-sized funny and clever personality.

Update 1st Update

If you are thirsting for more Ava in your life check out Part 2 of this gallery here Abby Winters Ava – First Shoot Part 2 and drink her up.

Update 2nd Update

Curious to the type of gal Ava finds sexy? In the AW Forums, Ave wrote the following about Kirra, “I really like this ladies mouth, sort of angular and puffy lips at the same time.”. Sounds like a bit of a girl crush to me. See Kirra’s puffy lips in this new update and gallery Abby Winters Kirra – Kindred Kitten.

Update 3rd Update

I just updated with a new gallery featuring lots of great behind the scenes footage of Ava in her pairing with Liandra. It is a fun peek behind the scenes. Check it out here Abby Winters Backstage with Ava and Liandra.

Update 4th Update

Ok, ok, ok… I know I am bordering on stalking Ava. But if you are like me and can’t get enough of her check out the new gallery I posted featuring Ava and Marigold in a steamy sexy rendezvous. You’ll find it here Abby Winters Ava and Marigold.

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