Abby Winters Alicia K – Slim Petite Blonde

Abby Winters Alicia K – Slim Petite Blonde
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Abby Winters Alicia K – Slim Petite Blonde

Abby Winters Alicia is a thin petite amateur Australian girl from back in the day Abby Winters was based out of Australia. She was 19 years old at the time these pictures and video in her first visit to Abby Winters.

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Abby Winters Alicia K – The Right Alicia?

Hiya, I decided to post Abby Winters Alicia K today because I had a couple of request for “Alicia” on Abby Winters. I wasn’t familar with her but when I searched the archives I discovered there have been three different girls named Alicia over the years. I guess when you’ve featured almost 2,000 amateur girls it is only natural some would share the same name. The three girls I found are Abby Winters Alicia K, Alicia D and just Alicia. All are lovely woman so I will try to include them all this week. So to whomever made the request, if I don’t get it right tonight be sure to check back.

Abby Winters Alicia K – Very Thin & Very Sexy

Regular readers of I Love Abby Winters know that I tend to prefer a girl with curves. Sure we all have our stereotypes but nothing beats snuggling with a curvy girl. For whatever reason I tend not to associate a petite figure with sensuality. That is why I was pleasantly surprised when watching this video of Abby Winters Alicia K. Watching her bring herself to multiple orgasms with a pink egg shaped vibrator was super sexy. As her thin frame tensed up and shook with the anticipation of immanent release and pleasure I was glad she proved me wrong.

Abby Winters Alicia K – Other Galleries & Vids

19 year old amateur Aussie girl Abby Winters Alicia K was featured in five shoots and videos. Four are intimate moments solo and partnered masturbation videos. The fifth set is the solo shoot from which I selected these pictures. In total there are 322 pics and over an hour of video featuring Abby Winters Alicia K. Click here to see her complete profile on Abby Winters. It includes a preview video and some different pictures.

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