Abby Winters Alessia – Hairy Italian Beauty

Abby Winters Alessia – Hairy Italian Beauty
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Abby Winters Alessia – Hairy Italian Beauty

Abby Winters Alessia is a 25 year old amateur Italian girl. She has natural hairy armpits and a wonderful thick hairy bush. These are new pics of Alessia are from a recent visit to Abby Winters. They are from a shoot that was just released last week on January 17, 2018.

This Abby Winters shoot has 229 pics and video

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Abby Winters Alessia – Stunning Italian Beauty

Wow, if all Italian girls are as beautiful as Abby Winters Alessia I need to take some language classes and move asap. While I can appreciate a girl with fair skin and post many on here, I absolutly love the darker tone of Abby Winters Alessia skin. Here in the States it is common with people of Latinx heritage. I think it is also more common with people whose ethnicity is from areas close to the Mediterian Sea. I also like Alessia’s huge smile and inviting eyes. And of course, I couldn’t help but notice her naked hairy bush and naked hairy armpits as she slowly took of her clothes to reveal her incredible body to us.

Abby Winters Alessia – Naughty Inspiration

I hope no one takes offense but I am going to be a bit raunchier here than usual because there is just something about Abby Winters Alessia that is so incredibly sexy that it took my mind to the naughtiest of places. Of course, I found Alessia to be beautiful from the first time I spotted her. After all that is why I decided to use her for tonights update. But OMG, the pictures of her facing the camera naked lifting herself up by her arms and legs openly displaying every inch of her womanhood. Wowzers, I lost any ability to think rationally when I saw them. All I could do was think of myself licking and sucking at the lips of her vagina; tasting her natural juices; and feeling her thick pubic hair tickling my lips and cheeks while she lifted her hips to meet my lips, tongue and mouth. And than I get to look up from between her legs and see that beautiful wide smile and those dark piercing eyes and for just a moment the my entire world is bliss. Omg… like I said. There is simply something special about Abby Winters Alessia and the naughty thoughts she inspires.

Abby Winters Alessia – Other Galleries & Vids

Abby Winters Alessia has done an 6 shoots for Abby Winters. Three of them are Intimate Moments masturbation videos and three, including this one from last week, are solo shoots. My fingers are crossed that she will keep coming back and perhaps someday will do a girl girl shoot. To check out her other shoots on Abby Winters click here. You will find more sample pictures and free video previews. To date, there are 652 pics and almost 3 hours of video featuring Alessia available in her portfolio.


Curious to see what it would be like to watch Alessia make love to another woman for her first time. Well, let me tell you it is great. A brand new Abby Winters girl-girl just dropped that features Alessia having sex with Abigail M. Of course I immediately created a gallery featuring my favorite pictures from their rendezvous. Check it out here Abby Winters Abigail M and Alessia – Olfactophilia Overload.


Alessia’s second g/g pairing with another AW Girl has dropped. It features Alessia with Roslin. It is a terrific pairing of these two intense, natural and hairy lovers. I just posted a gallery. You can see it here Abby Winters Alessia and Roslin – Selfless Lovers.

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