Abby Winters Adelle Smart is Sexy

Abby Winters Adelle Smart is Sexy
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Abby Winters Adelle – German Beauty

Abby Winters Adelle is a tall toned fit girl from Germany. These pics and the video are from an Abby Winters shoot done by Izzy. I like Izzy behind the camera. She has a great eye for beauty always capturing the various Abby Winters girls in nice light that creates a pleasant soothing atmosphere.

This Abby Winters shoot has 313 pics and video

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Abby Winters Adelle – Smart is Sexy

Today’s update of Abby Winters Adelle is the first time I have watched her video or looked through the gallery. She is reading a book which immediately caught my attention. I am attracted to smart women. Smart is sexy. I once had a partner suprise me by wearing with “fake” reading glasses and nothing else. Holy smokes it worked for me. She said my perception of smart being sexy is the reason I am always drawn to nude girls in glasses, Of course these are stereotypes, but give me a scientist or teacher or analyst or librarian because, wowee, that is sexy as sexy can be.

Abby Winters Adelle is beautiful with an amazing smile and stunning eyes. Her small pert nipples will catch the eyes of many. She is fit, toned and tall. It is rare for me to pay attention to height but with Adelle her tall toned figure stood out to me so much I created a new tag, toned tall nudes, to highlight tall girls for easier navigation.

Abby Winters Adelle – Other shoots

Adelle was 21 when she did her first shoot for Abby Winters. There are almost 1,000 pics of Adelle in 5 galleries and over 9 hours of video. Many of her shoots are Intimate Moments videos. If you are not familiar with Abby Winters lingo, Intimate Moments videos are sexy masturbation videos. Adelle participated in the “Learn How to Get Women” fun series of educational videos for Abby Winters. If you want to see them or want to see steamy samples from Adelle’s other shoots click here.

Abby Winters: Naturally Delicious Updated Daily since 2000

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