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Nicole D for Abby Winters

abby-winters-nicolee abby-winters-nicolee abby-winters-nicolee

It is a cold and rainy night here in my part of the world. That is why when surfing the abby winters website I decided to share the lovely Nicole D with everyone here at iloveabbywinters.com. Nicole has a smile that is sure to warm your heart and watching her masturbate in an over sized red velvet chair will surely warm your naughty bits!

Nicole’s set has 136 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
Posted by Lori • 05.08.12 • Large Nipples, Long Hair, Tan Lines

Natalie F for Abby Winters

abby-winters-natalie abby-winters-natalie abby-winters-natalie

Abby Winters has brought Natalie back for a fantastic solo shot. This adorable short haired pixie like hottie first appeared on Abby Winters website for the infamous Fit Ball Girls 20 model shoot. Natalie gets a lot more explicit than the fit ball girls shot. The video and pictorial are a real treat as we see all from Natalie’s adorable freckles to delicious pink naughty bits and more!

Natalie’s set has 236 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
Posted by Lori • 05.06.12 • Freckles, Puffy Nipples, Short Hair, Small Breast

Riley for Abby Winters

abby-winters-riley abby-winters-riley abby-winters-riley

Thirty one year old Riley is a little older than most of the models from Abby Winters but that doesn’t take away from her youthful beauty and spunky fun attitude. She has amazing nipples, a wonderful naturally hairy vagina and just all around oozes sexuality. Her video is both fun and sexy as she reveals a series of note cards with instructions as to which actions she should take next. It is hot… check it out for yourself now!

Riley’s set has 330 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
Posted by Lori • 03.26.12 • Natural Bush, Tan Lines

Lanae for Abby Winters

abby-winters-lanae abby-winters-lanae abby-winters-lanae

Super cute 19 year old Lanae is a cheeky little monkey in this silly shoot for Abby Winters. This was the first and only time the adorable freckled blonde appeared on the site. Her tanned skin is radiant and looks super sexy as she demonstrates her contemporary dancing wearing a white leotard. I honestly am not sure what is hotter…. seeing the contrasts of her tan skin the the white leotard while dancing or watching her dance completely nude. One thing is for sure… she is a cutie that is sure to make your heart melt and your loins warm!

Lanae’s set has 104 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
Posted by Lori • 03.20.12 • Freckles, Shaved

Janie for Abby Winters

abby-winters-janie abby-winters-janie abby-winters-janie

Nineteen year old cute Janie returned to Abby Winters for this delightful solo kitchen shoot. She has been on the abby winters website a total of eight times now with a nice mix of solo and girl girl shoots. At times I must sound like a broken record but she is another favorite of mine. I simply adore her cute “girl-next-door” looks and style.

janie’s set has 277 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
Posted by Lori • 03.06.12 • Girl Cum, Shaved

Melissa R for Abby Winters

abby-winters-melissa abby-winters-melissa abby-winters-melissa

The adorable chirpy Melissa R has done six shoots for team Abby Winters. She was in the infamous naked step aerobics shoot with so many other abby winters girls and has also been featured in five other solo masturbation videos and photo shoots. Click here to preview all six shoot now.

I decided to use the pics from this set that was shot in 2009 because I just love watching Melissa play in her big leather office chair. There are some spectacular shots of her cute bum as she bends and squirms around the chair. I also like this shoot best because while Melissa is a doll no matter what her hair color (it seems to change often) I love her best as a brunette!

Melissa R’s set has 126 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
Posted by Lori • 02.08.12 • Fair Skin, Short Hair, Small Breast

Rebecca L for Abby Winters

abby-winters-rebecca abby-winters-rebecca abby-winters-rebecca

Team Abby Winters sure found a cutie when Rebecca decided to do a shoot for the website. I always find glasses to be super sexy and Rebecca’s blue framed spectacles are no exception. But Rebecca is stunning with or without her glasses. She has a perfectly angelic face and a gorgeous petite figure. All the fans of the naturally delicious Abby Winters girls will love it when Rebecca peels back her frilly lacy green panties and reveals a wonderful blond patch of pussy hair. As bigpapi says in the comments on the Abby Winters forum Rebecca is, “so pleasant, perky and edible!!!” hehe I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Rebecca L’s set has 206 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
Posted by Lori • 01.06.12 • Fair Skin, Glasses, Natural Bush, Small Breast

Ellsher for Abby Winters

abby-winters-elsher abby-winters-elsher abby-winters-elsher

My last post here at I Love Abby Winters was of a cute fuller figured brunette named Nikki S. You can see her by scrolling down to the next post. I was so enamored with her curves that I decided I would find and post another fuller body cutie today except this time I thought it would be fun to find a hot blonde. There were a number of great choices but I decided to post Ellsher today because not only does she have some great curves and a nice full bottom but she has a nice thick patch of blonde public hair that is sure to arouse the nether regions of all readers who are fans of the naturally cute girls you find on a site like Abby Winters. Ellsher is only 18 years old and has a smile and body that will leave you longing for more.

Ellsher’s set has 99 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
Posted by Lori • 12.26.11 • Natural Bush, Plump

Nikki S for Abby Winters

abby-winters-nikki abby-winters-nikki abby-winters-nikki

It has been a while since I have posted a nice plump curvy girl at I Love Abby Winters. So today I decided what better Christmas gift to give all my readers than the loveliest, cutest, most adorable girl that is sure to break your heart and warm your loins… Nikki S from her second of four shoots she did for Abby Winters. If watching her slowly strip and touch her yummy bits in her backyard garden doesn’t make you an instant fan than I am sure her adorable giggles will win you over to the ever growing Nikki fan club. Don’t believe me.. watch her videos for yourself and tell me you don’t fall in love. Do it. I dare you to try because it will be impossible for you not to fall for her charms!

Nikki’s set has 175 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
Posted by Lori • 12.20.11 • Large Breasts, Large Nipples, Natural Bush, Plump

Roxy for Abby Winters

abby-winters-roxy abby-winters-roxy abby-winters-roxy

If you are a fan of young natural curvy girls than team Abby Winters has found the perfect girl for you when they discovered 19 year old Aussie cutie Roxy. I hate to just describe a woman as a collection of body parts but when your body parts are as lovely as Roxy’s it is hard not to just get caught up on her spectacularly sexy figure. Roxy has large breasts and nice large areolas that are sure to drive any bewbie lover crazy with desire. She has nice soft feminine curves and as you can see in the video she wasn’t shy to show off her lovely hairy cunny and bottom for the camera. Ah… so lovely.. now if only I could figure out a way to come back in my next life as a butterfly tattoo permanently stationed next the nether regions of super sexy Abby Winters girl Roxy!

Roxy’s set has 121 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
Posted by Lori • 12.14.11 • Large Breasts, Large Nipples, Natural Bush