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Lailie for Abby Winters

So exotic and stunning the 23 year old Lailie has been excusite everytime she has appeared on the abby winters website. In all she has done more than a half dozen solo, intimate moments and girl girl shoots for abby winters. Click here to a preview all of her shoots.

Lailie is a gorgeous girl: a pretty face, beautiful dark eyes, lovely long hair and a great body. And what’s more, she obviously likes showing her beauty and isn’t shy infront of the camera. Watching herself masturbate and bring herself to orgasm with nothing but her fingers is a highly arousing experience that I encourge everyone to watch. It is sure to make your heart beat faster and make your naughty bits tingle a whole lot.

Lailie’s set has 237 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
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Monica for Abby Winters

abby-winters-monica abby-winters-monica abby-winters-monica

I will give credit to the crew at abby winters for getting some great pictures of the lovely Monica as she strips down to nothing outside a barn on a blustery day. She certainly is beautiful and seeing her nipples harden and her yummy mocha skin cover in goosebumps from the breeze is sexy.

But the pictures of Monica don’t even come close to her super sexually charged video she did at abby winters. Watching her cover her entire body with lotion and work it into her supple skin should be done with great caution… why you ask? Well the answer is simple…. Monica is so damn sexy that if you have any sort of heart condition you are going to need to make sure your cardiologist is close by because your old ticker will be working overtime for sure! Enjoy the pics and vids… I know I enjoyed them over and over again ;-)

Monica’s set has 93 pics and 1 video:
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Abby Winters
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Tamika for Abby Winters

abby-winters-tamika abby-winters-tamika abby-winters-tamika

I’m in the mood for chocolate…how ’bout you? Tamika is a lovely dark skinned cutie I found on Abby Winters. She has a pretty toned body and nice curves. I just want to squeeze her delightful round ass! Oh, and did I mention her puffy nipples? Her set features high quality pics you would expect to find on Abbywinters.com, but also includes dressing room shots and video footage of her with Prue, and even showcases her singing abilities.

I have never been disappointed by the selection of models and genres on Abbywinters.com. No matter what I am looking for, I always seem to find just what my appetite desires. Spend some time checking out the site, I am positive you will find what you are looking for too. Enjoy! And have a beautiful day! :)

Tamika’s set has 119 pics and 1 video:
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Abby Winters
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Carlie for Abby Winters

abby-winters-carlie abby-winters-carlie abby-winters-carlie abby-winters-carlie

Carlie is a Latin cutie featured here on Abby Winters. You will love her velvety skin and superb round ass. There are some great shots in this set, but one in particular caught my eye-the one where she is kneeling wearing only a bra, and hubba hubba, the curves on this girl! mmm mmm! There are also some great close ups of just a nipple, where you can even see her goosebumps! Just made me wanna warm her up! ;)

And I know even the great photography that Abby Winters offers isn’t always enough for you, so be sure and check out the video too. After you watch Carlie lotion herself up, all in the name of smooth skin, you’ll enjoy watching her masturbate with an enticing red dildo. Yes folks, that one is definitely worth watching! So while you heat things up with Carlie on Abby Winters, I am going to spend some time finding some sexy girls to share with you!

Carlie’s set has 175 pics and 1 video:
Click here to see more pics and read Carlie’s profile


Abby Winters
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Kiki and Shee-Ra for Abby Winters

abby-winters-kiki-sheera abby-winters-kiki-sheera abby-winters-kiki-sheera abby-winters-kiki-sheera

Well even though I thoroughy enjoy lusting after the Abby Winters models here on my blog, I thought I would spice things up a little bit and I don’t think ya’ll will complain… I stumbled upon these two exotic models, Kiki and Shee-Ra and I was so entranced by them that I couldn’t resist sharing them with you! Dark skin, silky black hair, tight little bodies, shaved pussies…damn…you’ll see what I mean when you check them out! ;)

While I mostly post links for photo shoots on Abby Winters with great solo models, I do have a weak spot for some of their girl-girl action as well. Kiki and Shee-Ra are good friends who know what they want from each other, but still have a shy little coy side in the beginning of the shoot together. You can’t miss their up close and personal exploration of each other though, as only Abby Winters can capture. Not only will you enjoy high quality still photos, but there is also video of their before and after interviews (think, how were they feeling about their upcoming session and what was it like for them to be together on camera…intimate moments!) as well as the “edge-of-your-seat-hand-tucked-in-your-pants-can-I-get-any-closer-to-the-screen” can’t miss action of the girls undressing and exploring each other’s bodies…and yes, there is nipple sucking, pussy licking and orgasms that you really just can’t pass up…so stop listening to me babble about how great they are, and go see for yourself! Enjoy! ;)

Kiki and Shee-Ra’s set has 295 pics:
Click for more pics and read Kiki and Shee-Ra’s profile


Abby Winters

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Juanita for Abby Winters

abby-winters-juanita abby-winters-juanita abby-winters-juanita

Although by now Juanita is pretty much a regular at the Abby Winters site, this is the first time that I feature her. Which is kind of odd, since I love Latin girls, and this sexy 21 year old brunette is undeniably of Hispanic descent.

As you probably know, for Latin girls, perfectly shaped asses come with the territory, and Juanita is no exception. This hottie has a bum that is made to be worshipped, and by golly, I swear if she let me, I’d be on my knees adoring Juanita’s round meaty behind. I know you would too, so may be we should team up and start a new religion: Juanita’s Butt Worshipers ;)

Now, if you want to see Juanita, her butt and the rest of her statuesque body in action, take a peek inside AbbyWinters.com, where you’ll find her in five full featured sets, which include not only this one I’ve featured today, where Juanita gets naked and plays with herself in her grandma’s house, but also an ‘intimate moments” photo and video set that gives us an overdose of Juanita masturbating on the couch, and three lesbian sex sets, where she goes down on other girls like a true champ!

Juanita’s set has 97 pics:
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Abby Winters
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Shee-ra for Abby Winters

abby-winters-sheera abby-winters-sheera abby-winters-sheera

As you probably already know, there are hundreds (close to 2,000 in fact) of amateur girls inside the Abby Winters’ site. For me, it’s kind of difficult to weed through so much hotness and nakedness and choose only one girl to post here every week. On occasions it takes me a long time to make up my mind between two possible candidates… should I regale my readers with a vivacious girl with small boobs, or should I light up their day with a languid yet voluptuous beauty? Trust me, the choice is sometimes quite hard. But some other times, like today, I have no trouble making up my mind…

When I came across Shee-Ra, her bright smile and her wide spread vagina, I had no doubt: she had to be the featured girl of the week! After all, can you blame me? Look at that cute ethnic face, with her shinny black hair and slanted eyes… take a look at her small yet very perky breasts and those deliciously puffy nipples… and don’t even get me started on her perfect crotch! Wouldn’t you love to jump her bones and show her the time of her life? I certainly would!

Now, if you’re ready to discover the wilder side of Shee-Ra, and watch her be very naughty both by herself and with some of her girlfriends, come inside Abby Winters… you won’t regret it!

Shee-ra’s set has 82 pics:
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Abby Winters
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Kiki for Abby Winters

abby-winters-kiki abby-winters-kiki abby-winters-kiki

This week Abby Winters brings us her latest discovery, Kiki. Standing just over 5 feet tall and with a perfectly shaped body, Kiki is one seriously hot chick, with looks that set her apart from the rest. Her dark skin and black hair combined with her tanned nipples make her a tasty addition to the site’s collection of light haired girls. Unfortunately, this otherwise flawless honey seems a little too serious for her age, and fails to smile even once during this entire shoot. Nevertheless she still charming and quite naughty, I may add!

In general, Kiki has been blessed with some amazing natural assets, and she is not afraid to show them. Her beautiful and not at all small breasts and her round little behind will probably make you want to bend her over and give her some of your own private treatment. But what will definitely drive you over the top is that pink vagina of hers contrasting with her bronzed skin! Watch her spread her crotch big and wide and show you her entire hole right before stuffing it with a bright pink vibrator!

Kiki’s set has 268 pics and 1 video:
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Abby Winters
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Sanji for Abby Winters

abby-winters-sanji abby-winters-sanji abby-winters-sanji

Now this is one girl that definitely stands out of a crowd: Sanji. This 18 year old Melbourne native, with her dark skin and her incredibly perky butt is a gift for sore eyes. I’ve been wondering what her ethnicity is, and I’m pretty sure by now that this chick has Australian aborigine blood; isn’t that something else? You don’t see many aborigine girls strutting their stuff on the web, so don’t let this one slide by.

Because of her age, Sanji’s body still show signs of her recent puberty and it hasn’t shaped up like a fully grown woman’s, so we can expect to see some changes in her physique in the next few months and even years. But one thing will certainly not change: her tremendous booty. I mean, look at this girl’s behind. That thing is just from out of this world! Sanji’s butt is so round, so hard, and so bubbly that I swear I’ve never seen anything like it. The best part? She was photographed by Abby herself in the ideal position: doggie style; so you can rest assured that Sanji’s ass has been captured by the camera in the most erotic way. Are you ready now to get more acquainted with Sanji and her hard rear end? I certainly am, myself!

Sanji’s set has 75 pics and 2 videos:
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Dewi for Abby Winters

abby_winters_merryn020 abby_winters_merryn113 abby_winters_merryn117

It is not everyday that we come across an Asian girl on Abby Winters, but thanks to Australia’s ethnic diversity, and to Abby’s camera itself, we can now enjoy the wonders of Asia right on this blog 

As you can imagine, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Dewi. This 20 year old Oriental cutie is as wild as it gets, and she is ready to prove it to you by getting fully naked as soon as the camera starts clicking. That’s right, just seconds after her photo session began, Dewi was ready to take her clothes off and to run all over her home in her natural state, while also singing! I’m not kidding, not only is Dewi adorably pretty but she’s got a terrific voice, and she is not shy about using it.

Heck, she is not shy about anything! Think about it, how many girls have you seen that play guitar and sing while posing naked in front of a camera? Personally, Dewi is my first, and I dare to bet she is yours too, unless you’re one of those lucky guys with a beautiful hippy girlfriend. Nah, that was 30 years ago, chicks are not that open minded anymore. Except Dewi, of course.

Dewi’s set has 91 pics and 3 videos!
Click here to see more of Dewi

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