I Love Abby Winters

Lacie for Abby Winters

Yup, I will admit it. I have a soft spot for redheads. Luckily for me Abby Winters has lots and lots of redheads in their collection. One of the latest is this redhead 23 year old hottie named Lacie. Lacie has been on the abby winters site multiple times, click here to see them all, in both solo and girl girl shoots.

This shoot is a fun one in which Lacie takes us on a taxi tour around the sites of Amsterdamn and flashes her naughty bits, especially that firey red pubic bush to us and the public throughout the city. And much to my delight she ends her shoot with a super hot solo masturbation shoot inside a public restroom!

Lacie’s set has 170 pics and video:
See more of Lacie – Click Here!


Abby Winters
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Davana for Abby Winters

abby-winters-davana abby-winters-davana abby-winters-davana

First time Abby Winters model Davana is a sexy green eyed natural beauty with fabulous red hair. In her video she shows us around her room revealing interesting bits of her personality before she slowly strips down and reveals her firm tight flexible body. I am sure you find her as sexy as I do so join her in bedroom for some tarot reading and nude boxing now!

Davana’s set has 112 pics and video:
See more of Davana – Click Here!


Abby Winters
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Jaiden for Abby Winters

abby-winters-jaiden abby-winters-jaiden abby-winters-jaiden

Are you a redhead fan? If you crave the delicious sweetness of redheads than the crew at Abby Winters recently found the perfect girl for you. She has all of the features that most redhead fans adore. From her beautiful long redhead to her milky white skin covered with a delicious patchwork of freckles. Unfortunately, she shaves her cunny so we are unable to see what I am sure would be a love patch of red pubes. She is a doll though. In her video she said her favorite part of her body is her boobies. I wonder what you like best. For me it has to be her smile. It is innocent yet mischievous and when I get a glance of those braces my head spins with lustful thoughts.

Jaiden’s set has 255 pics:
See more of Jaiden – Click Here!


Abby Winters
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Chloe for Abby Winters

abby-winters-chloepiano abby-winters-chloepiano abby-winters-chloepiano abby-winters-chloepiano

It has been a while since I have posted anything on I Love Abby Winters with Chloe. In fact the last time I posted Chloe from Abby Winters was in 1998. You can see that outdoors shoot by clicking her name in the proceeding sentence. Anyway I was sure I had posted some of Chloe’s girl girl sets also but those must have been lost in the server crash I wrote about a couple of years ago. But enough of the techno blabber…. just check out how beautiful this big bosomed redhead is and you will see Australian beauty as shot by the crew at abby winters at its best. If you want to see more just check out Chloe’s profile HERE and see some of the 60 plus shoots she has been in with abby winters.

Chloe’s set has 120 pics and 1 video:
Click here to see more pics and read Chloe’s profile


Abby Winters
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Redheaded beauty Carissa on Abby Winters

Imagine rolling over in bed and seeing this infectious smile?If you love natural read hair and fair skin, you will LOVE Carissa from Abby Winters. Meet this 22 year old gorgeous gal who is new to Abby Winters by clicking the link below. I keep finding more and more new models Abby has added recently. Seems everytime I go to abbywinters.com I find new faces! I love that they keep things fresh and new with so many updates. I can get bored easily…but never with Abby Winters!

So, what better to do than enjoy a redheaded beauty on a Friday night…I think I will go fantasize about what I would do to Carissa if she was here. he he he! ;-)

abby_winters_carissa095 abby_winters_carissa122 abby_winters_carissa147 abby_winters_carissa167

Wanna hear about Carissa’s wild sex stories?
Click here for show and tell with Carissa and Abby Winters.

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Isabel of Abby Winters

Even though I love any photo shoot done by Abby Winters, I most love her outdoor shoots! The colors and quality of the photos are unbelievable! Check this set out, of Isabel frolicking by the pond. Isabel is a natural red-headed beauty, who totally looks right at home dancing about in the greens. There is also video available, with Isabel demonstrating her hidden talent…quite an impressive talent, I must say…of removing her panties!

abby_winters_isabel_2004 abby_winters_isabel_2060 abby_winters_isabel_2078

For a romp in the garden with Isabel, Click here .

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Penelope and McKenzie on Abby Winters

How many times can I say I love Abby Winters? If you havent already guessed from this site how much I love Abby Winters…well, these pics really speak for themselves. Abby does such a great job capturing the passion between these sensuous women. I dont know about you, but I get flushed in the face just looking at the pictures (but you should even see the video!) I personally am not sure how Abby can stand to take all the pictures without joining in herself! I bet once you see and watch the video footage you will wonder the same! Abby has a natural knack for making you feel like you ARE right there with the girls. Enjoy!

abby_winters_mckenzie_penelope_050 abby_winters_mckenzie_penelope_157 abby_winters_mckenzie_penelope_227 abby_winters_mckenzie_penelope_538

You don’t want to miss the videos or 538 pictures!
Click here to watch Penelope and McKenzie make love.

Pip and a Red Toy by Abby Winters

Pip is a regular at Abby Winters. These pictures are from her fourth shoot. She has also done a video. Unfortunetly, I can not load the video here (bandwidth is sooo expensive) but Pip has an interesting way of cumming. When she orgasms she ’squirts’. If don’t believe me check it out for yourself. Click here for Pip’s masturbation video.

According to Abby Winters:
“Pip is from interesting origins and has done a lot of moving around in her time, but at the same time she is an extremely grounded girl. First impressions are of a cheery, down-to-earth lass, but before you know it her naughty side comes out to play!”

abby_winters_pip_008 abby_winters_pip_076 abby_winters_pip_176

Wait to you see the things that Pip does with her red toy.
Click here to see just how naughty Pip gets.

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