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Fenna for Abby Winters

Twenty year old dutch hottie Fenna is back on the abby winters website once again. This time she did a sexy erotic solo shoot for the team. She has been on the site almost a dozen times so far and she makes each appearance special. Click here to a preview all of her girl girl, intimate moments and solo shoots on the Abby Winters website.

Fenna is super slim and curvy with wonderful full breasts topped with delicious puffy nipples. The shoot was done by Masie of the Abby Winters team. Masie does a great interview of Fenna. Check them out as Fenna and Masie discuss fetishes, kinks, first kisses, and more, while they are making some fun art.

Fenna’s set has 237 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
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Amanda K for Abby Winters

These pics are from Amanda K’s only shot with team Abby Winters. The shoot took place a couple of years ago when Amanda was 20 years old. In my opinion, Amanda is a true cutie pie. I mean come on take a close look at her face. Doesn’t it make you melt. She is an absolute doll whose eyes are capable of melting an iceberg.

The shoot itself starts very slow an erotic with Amanda sensually posing for the camera in the soft light of a windowsill. While she may have started the shoot a little timid it is clear in the video that by the time she is nude in the side chair she is at ease with her nudity in front of the camera. This is when her deep beauty radiates through the most. Why not click here and check out the free sample video from Amanda’s one and only Abby Winters shoot for yourself!

Amanda K’s set has 77 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
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Natalie F for Abby Winters

abby-winters-natalie abby-winters-natalie abby-winters-natalie

Abby Winters has brought Natalie back for a fantastic solo shot. This adorable short haired pixie like hottie first appeared on Abby Winters website for the infamous Fit Ball Girls 20 model shoot. Natalie gets a lot more explicit than the fit ball girls shot. The video and pictorial are a real treat as we see all from Natalie’s adorable freckles to delicious pink naughty bits and more!

Natalie’s set has 236 pics and video:
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Joanna M for Abby Winters

abby-winters-joanna abby-winters-joanna abby-winters-joanna

These pics are from Joanna M’s latest shoot for abby winters. In total, she has been on abbywinters.com nine different times. With lovely fair skin and perfect boobs accentuated with yummy puffy nipples Joanna is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face as big as her in the first picture above.

Joanna M’s set has 97 pics and video:
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Gypsy for Abby Winters

abby-winters-gypsy abby-winters-gypsy abby-winters-gypsy

Abby Winters has brought the delicious enticing brunette Gyspy back for a great solo shoot. She was great in her first solo shoot and she was so hot in her girl girl shoot with Navah that I guess the Abby Winters team thought it would nice to have her back a third time. I am glad they did. I find her charming and confusing all at the same time. I mean she has a beautiful face and adorable tattoo but she also has the large tattoo covering much of her side. It makes me wonder what she is like. Anyway… Click here to check out the preview video of her. It has some great shots of her great hairy pussy plus you’ll get to see her all wet splashing about naked in the pool while listening to her hot aussie accent talk about the best ways to have sex in a pool. Just click it… you’ll be glad you did!

Gypsy’s set has 132 pics and video:
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Mykala for Abby Winters

abby-winters-mykala abby-winters-mykala abby-winters-mykala

Mykala is the type of girl found on Abby Winters that I just love and adore and the reason why abby winters is still my favorite website all these years after joining. What is it about Mykala that I adore you ask? She the ultimately girl next door. When I see Mykala with her beautiful eyes, coy smile and tomboy sexy ways I picture her as the kind of girl I could bump into anywhere when I go about my town. She could be my neighbour down the road or the cutie I spot in the food store or just another beauty that catches my eye sitting two tables over at the restaurant I go to for dinner. Of course there is one big difference… this cutie gives me a glimpse into her personal life and seductively takes her clothes off and plays with her naughty bits on camera to satisfy my carnal thoughts about her.

Speaking of Mykala’s naught bits, click here and watch the free preview video to see just Mykala’s sexy tan lines, amazing nipples and wonderfully meaty pussy. Go ahead… just check it out now. You can thank me later!

Mykala’s set has 260 pics and video:
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Courtney for Abby Winters

abby-winters-courtney abby-winters-courtney abby-winters-courtney

An adorable smile, amazing sexy curves and delicious puffy nipples… what isn’t there to love about Courtney. While she appeared previously on Abby Winters website as a brunette she has come back this time with blonde hair. While she looks cute as a blonde I say as long as she has a bottom as delicious as hers I think she’d look cute with any color hair. She could have green hair to match those cute green panties she is wearing and she would still make my heart pitter patter when she peels those panties off to masturbate to a wet squirting finish as she did in the video from this photo shoot!

Courtney’s set has 197 pics and a 25 minute video:
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Petria for Abby Winters

abby-winters-petria abby-winters-petria abby-winters-petria abby-winters-petria

Petria has been around with the gang at abby winters for several shoots and boy oh boy am I glad for she is one heck of a cutie. I really love this set because I simply adore a girl in glasses and Petria looks so damn cute in her glasses. I could eat her up for sure. She is soooo cute in the video rubbing lotion into her skin and extra hot as she spends extra time lotioning her lovely boobies… all while looking innocently at me from behind those super sexy frames and glasses. Three words is all I need to sum up this shoot of Petria… hot hot hot! ;)

Petria’s set has 220 pics and 1 video:
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Abby Winters
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Analisa for Abby Winters

abby-winters-analisa abby-winters-analisa abby-winters-analisa abby-winters-analisa

Mmmm… fresh girls! Looking at newcomer Analisa, I can’t help myself… I just began rubbing my hands together and snickering in that evil tone that I reserve for those especially fresh girls that Abby Winters brings us from time to time.

Can you really blame me? Analisa is one of those beautiful and extremely innocent-looking honeys that have exactly what it takes to awaken the dirtiest part of a person’s mind. Her cute little freckles, that blonde hair that cascades carelessly over her shoulders and that completely natural and un-tampered body of hers… Simply yummy!

There are a couple of photos in Analisa’s picture set where she’s taking her stockings off, in which she extends her legs in the air, pulling the silky hose away from her feet, that will make a dead man get a stiffy, and not from rigor mortis! Watch this cute blonde spread her long gams and reveal her meaty vulva’s lips, right before rubbing her entire body with lotion, leaving herself perfectly moist and shiny, perfect for a good tussle in bed!

Analisa’s set has 131 pics:
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Abby Winters

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Bianca for Abby Winters

abby-winters-bianca abby-winters-bianca abby-winters-bianca abby-winters-bianca

There are girls that you always remember no matter how brief your encounter with them. Some of them is because of their beauty, others because of their sculptural bodies, and others just because of their personality. In the case of Bianca, it is her smile that makes people remember her. At least in my case… About four months ago I had the pleasure of seeing Bianca’s only photoset inside Abby Winters. I was nicely surprised to find such a cute and vivacious girl in the site’s members area, just before leaving town for my December vacation, and I made a mental note to share her with my readers once I was back on the saddle.

Unfortunately I got sidetracked with so many new girls that Abby Winters added in the first months of the year, and just today, I recalled Bianca, wondering how come I still hadn’t posted her photos here! Well, I’d like to make up for it now, and here she is, smiling and doing her stretches in the buff, showing her pretty crotch. Speaking of, ain’t that a cute haircut she’s got down there? I just love those landing strips.

Bianca’s set has 106 pics and 1 videos:
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Abby Winters
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