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Abby Winters Hula Hoop Girls

abby-winters-hula abby-winters-hula abby-winters-hula

Any time the Abby Winters crew gets together a group of six girls for a shoot you guaranteed two things. First, there will be lots of fun and giggling had be all. Second, you will always end up getting to see lots of beautiful boobies, delicious bummies and whole lot more skin from naturally beautiful girls.

That is exatly what happened when abby winters got Giselle, Caitlin K, Roxy, Charlotte E, Aisling and Tamara together for an afternoon of hula hooping. Watch them do all sorts of cool hoop tricks in various states of undress. It is all rather arousing hearing them laugh and giggle and watching their bits bounce and jiggle. I wonder if the girls got as stimulated during the shoot as I got watching it. Mhmmm I know where I will let my thoughts wonder!

the hula hooping set has 219 pics and a 25 video:
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Abby Winters
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DIY Girls for Abby Winters

abby-winters-diy-girls abby-winters-diy-girls abby-winters-diy-girls abby-winters-diy-girls

There is no need for a lot of words to describe how cute these three abby winters girls are in the ‘diy’ pics and video shoot. The pictures speak for themselves…. so consider this an early holiday gift and enjoy the naked yummyness of abby winters diy girls!

the diy girls’ set has 201 pics:
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Abby Winters

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The Book Shop Girls on Abby Winters

abby-winters-bookshop-girls abby-winters-bookshop-girls abby-winters-bookshop-girls abby-winters-bookshop-girls

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy I love books and I love naked girls so Abby Winters has made my heart flutter a little faster with this wonder shoot of Larissa, Caitlinn and Carly getting nude and naughty in the back of a bookshop.

I imagine myself wondering through the stacks scanning the books for something interesting when out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of three girls kissing while their hands roam free exploring the wonderful curves of each others breasts and bums. I am flustered and worried that they might notice flush of my skin and watching their sensual exploration of each others womanly curves has caused my own pulse to quicken and given my skin a reddish hue as the juices of arousal begin to stir within me. But much to my delight instead of stopping when they spy me one of the girls gets a sly smirk of a smile as she suckles her lovers ear lobe. My god I think they are delighting in my voyeurism… if nothing else I know that I am enjoy every last randy minute of my trip to the bookshop.

The bookshop girls set has 132 pics:
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Abby Winters

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Raft Building Girls for Abby Winters

abby-winters-raft-building abby-winters-raft-building abby-winters-raft-building abby-winters-raft-building

Well, I don’t just enjoy the beautiful Australian scenery inherent in Abby Winters’ photo shoots, the girls usually featured in the photo sets are always amazing as well! But tell me, how do 6 girls assigned the task of building a raft by hand that can actually set sail across the water come to go from 6 hot bikini clad girls to 6 hot nude girls??? Obviously I don’t really care, as long as the end result is 6 hot nude girls! ;) You won’t be disappointed in this sexy photo shoot, and by the time the girls reach their goal of having a raft to set sail (nude of course) you will be cheering them on and wishing the fun didn’t end there!

This is another of abby Winters playful photo shoots. As if we would be really disappointed that there were 6 cute girls standing around naked doing nothing, Abby spices things up by giving the girls something to do. But you know what that also means? It means you will see 6 cute, active girls, being creative, bending, running, flirting…think viewing bummies and bouncing boobies….boy, is Abby Winters brilliant or what?

And don’t worry…if 6 cute girls building a raft isn’t hot enough for you, just spend some time looking around the abby winters site and you are bound to find the girl of your dreams who will knock your socks (and pants) off. Here’s a hint, search the girl-girl tier 3 category….sizzlin’ hot!

The raft building set has 376 pics:
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Abby Winters

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The Picnic Girls for Abby Winters

abby-winters-picnic-girls abby-winters-picnic-girls abby-winters-picnic-girls abby-winters-picnic-girls

Well, as I sit here in icy New England I couldn’t resist a chance to warm up with a bunch of picnicking girls in Australia! Abby Winters always does a great job with the outdoor shoots and this is no exception! This photo shoot features 5 of Abby’s cutest girls making their way on a hike until they find the perfect spot to have lunch. Do you ever wonder what leads the girls to decide to disrobe together and start exploring? I do….but then I find myself a bit distracted! :)

Do you like blondes, red heads, brunettes? All are showcased here and the variety adds to the beauty of the scenery! I am sure you will be pleased with Abby Winters’ selection of girls for this shoot. I was very happy to see curvy girls here as well, and couldn’t help but drool over a couple of choice bummies!!!

So wherever you are today, whatever you are doing, (besides reading my blog!) make sure you spend some time exploring abbywinters.com and warm up with the Picnic Girls, I know you won’t be disappointed!!!

The picnic girls’ set has 158 pics:
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Abby Winters

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The Pottery Girls on Abby Winters

abby-winters-pottery-girls abby-winters-pottery-girls abby-winters-pottery-girls abby-winters-pottery-girls

I have a friend who is a potter. I have seen him working on the pottery wheel, and I can tell you it is quite hypnotic watching someone intently working with clay. So I could completely understand why the Abby Winters “Pottery Girls” would find themselves naked and exploring each other while they were in the studio. Leave it to the one artistic girl to frustrate the others who weren’t doing so well enough that they feel the need (ha ha) to distract her from her work. Before you know it, clothes are flying off and the girls are covered in mud, massaging each other and sharing some of the hottest, most intense kisses that you can even imagine.

Now, after spending a fair amount of time with the Pottery Girls on the Abby Winters site, I am thinking about calling my friend and asking for some studio time…what do you think? Wanna join me? :) Let me know what you think after you check out the Pottery Girls for yourself….

The pottery girls set has 242 pics:
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Abby Winters

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Six Girls Skinny-dipping on Abby Winters

I’m sure some of you remember the Waterfall girls set on Abby Winters…well, if you liked Waterfall Girls, you will LOVE Six Girls Swimming! Here’s the synopsis: you will find, yes….six girls….looking mighty fine in bikinis, jumping off a boat, playing in the water (think chicken fights!) and then they lose the bikinis, sit around on the beach and slather themselves in (not suntan lotion!) sand. After I got past the “ouch, that must hurt!!!” feeling, I came to the conclusion that six naked girls wet and sandy is still freakin’ hot! And not only does this set include more beautiful photos shot by Abby Winters herself, but also video of the girls really having fun splashing around. Enjoy!

abby_winters_sixgirls167 abby_winters_sixgirls137 abby_winters_sixgirls163 abby_winters_sixgirls181

What’s better than a day at the beach?
A day at the beach with 6 beautiful girls!
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