I Love Abby Winters

Patricia for Abby Winters

abby-winters-patricia abby-winters-patricia abby-winters-patricia

With captivating brown eyes, soft feminine curves and a soft patch of pubic hair I dare say it is impossible not to fall in love with – or at least lust for – Patricia B from Abby Winters. Watch her video as she goes from telling us about her musical interest as a pianist to standing before the camera and performing a slow intimate strip tease. I promise you will fall in love over and over again as she peels of her blue dress to slow reveal her ample boobs before teasing us with lovely glimpses of her cunny before peeling away her soft pink panties to reveal her entire womanhood!

Patricia’s set has 130 pics and a 17 minute video:
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Abby Winters
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Chloe for Abby Winters

abby-winters-chloepiano abby-winters-chloepiano abby-winters-chloepiano abby-winters-chloepiano

It has been a while since I have posted anything on I Love Abby Winters with Chloe. In fact the last time I posted Chloe from Abby Winters was in 1998. You can see that outdoors shoot by clicking her name in the proceeding sentence. Anyway I was sure I had posted some of Chloe’s girl girl sets also but those must have been lost in the server crash I wrote about a couple of years ago. But enough of the techno blabber…. just check out how beautiful this big bosomed redhead is and you will see Australian beauty as shot by the crew at abby winters at its best. If you want to see more just check out Chloe’s profile HERE and see some of the 60 plus shoots she has been in with abby winters.

Chloe’s set has 120 pics and 1 video:
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Abby Winters
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Angie for Abby Winters

abby-winters-angie abby-winters-angie abby-winters-angie abby-winters-angie

Lookout fellas…I found another set of my favorite Abby Winters girl!!! Angie has done some shoots with other Abby Winters’ girls, but here I present her solo….She really is a quite likable gal-very sweet and personable. She is really funny on camera, telling us all about the things she likes (including apples….) but what makes me tingle is her long flowing black hair as it contrasts with her very pale skin. And that very pale skin covers her curves so nicely! She has breasts that would make any girl jealous….and I certainly am not leaving myself out of that jealousy! But really, I can’t decide which I am more jealous of….her breasts or her bum? I think I will just have to look some more before I decide! ;)

You definitely won’t wanna miss exploring this set. Abby Winters presents Angie in her living room but she makes her way to the kitchen and serves up a full course of herself! You will enjoy some beautiful close up shots of her most private body parts. Make sure you check out the video of Angie masturbating with one of her favorite toys….now excuse me…I have another date with Angie! :)

Angie’s set has 184 pics:
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Abby Winters

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Angie returns to Abby Winters

abby-winters-angie-returns abby-winters-angie-returns abby-winters-angie-returns abby-winters-angie-returns

OOooh are you ever in for a treat!!! I have found my new favorite Abby Winters girl!!! Maybe I have taken a strong liking to her because she kinda looks like me!?! Whatever the case, I think you will appreciate Angie as much as I do! She has long, silky black hair and large NATURAL breasts and she just oozes sensuality….

This set is of Angie solo (though if you explore the Abby Winters site you will find Angie with a few of her favorite friends…) but Angie shares plenty of intimate moments for us, (as in, really hot on camera masturbation…) so get ready! And keep the screen cleaner handy, because she is sure to steam up your screen!

Angie returns’s set has 164 pics:
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Abby Winters

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Tiff for Abby Winters

abby-winters-tiff abby-winters-tiff abby-winters-tiff abby-winters-tiff

Friends, I would like to introduce a very special lady. She is classic Abby Winters girl next door beauty. Tiff is what I would say is everyone’s fantasy…the cute girl next door with her clothes on when you see her on the street, but the moment you get her behind closed doors and her inhibitions go out the window, mmm hmmm… you got it…the freakiness comes out!

You will definitely want to check out Tiff’s image sets. One set is of Tiff undressing in front of another girl, as well as a solo shoot. But the best of all is the high quality video of Tiff alone on her bed with some of her favorite toys. Trust me, this is must see! In true Abby Winters fashion, you will feel like you are on the bed with her, not believing you can’t squeeze that little tushy yourself and wishing you could taste it!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show….

Tiff’s set has 224 pics:
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Abby Winters

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Byrony for Abby Winters

abby-winters-byrony abby-winters-byrony abby-winters-byrony abby-winters-byrony

Bryony is one hell of a sexy girl. This 18 year old blonde with her big bright blue eyes and her naturally large breasts is a delight to look at. That’s probably why Abby Winters has photographed her six times; she probably can’t get enough of Bryony’s voluptuous figure! Of course, there is also the possibility that given the fact that Bryony will do absolutely everything in bed, Abby wants to give her the opportunity to do it right in front of our eyes.

Now that I mention Bryony’s versatility when it comes to being in the horizontal position, let me add that this sassy blonde has eaten her fair share of pussy, masturbated numerous times and spread her coochie so wide for Abby’s camera that I’m puzzled as to how it recovered its original shape. She was also in the site’s first triple Intimate Moments shoot, which was a huge success with its members. In any case, if you’re looking for a well endowed gal that will go to extremes to please you, look no further than Bryony!

Byrony’s set has 146 pics and 1 video:
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Abby Winters
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Caitlyn for Abby Winters

abby-winters-caitlyn abby-winters-caitlyn abby-winters-caitlyn

Since I had a girlfriend in high school by the name of Caitlyn, I’ve found that name to be extremely beautiful and suggestive of a very sensual personality. So far I’ve been right each time with every Caitlyn that I’ve met: she happens to be deliciously sensual and very much comfortable with her sexuality.

This time around, with Abby Winters’ Caitlyn, I was right on. This 22 year old brunette has a innate sex appeal that goes beyond looks and even actions. It could be the way she moves, or how she moans, but it’s an intangible aura that you can only appreciate when you watch her movies. Obviously, there are more than enough reasons on top of this to enjoy Caitlyn’s videos: the fact that she plays with her naturally large breasts and pinches her nipples oh so temptingly; that she bends over and spreads her round buttcheeks showing us her tight little bum hole; and finally, that she opens her pussy lips wide and lets us peek into her vagina. By the way, Caitlyn has one of the tightest little meat holes I’ve ever seen in a girl that is not a virgin. Check it out, it’s simply scrumptious!

Caitlyn’s set has 79 pics and 2 videos:
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Abby Winters
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Danielle for Abby Winters

abby-winters-danielle abby-winters-danielle abby-winters-danielle abby-winters-danielle abby-winters-danielle

Like your chicks with some extra meat on their bones? Then you’ll really enjoy Danielle, because this chunky beauty has that and more!

Not your typical Abby Winters model, Danielle stands out of the crowd mostly for her full figured physique, but there are a few other attributes that will certainly get your attention focused on her.

Let me start out by mentioning Danielle’s boobs… those all natural mounds have to be at least a size D, and she certainly loves playing with them and caressing and pinching her nipples, something that most of us love in a girl. Then comes Danielle’s naughtiness… I’ve heard guys say time and again that the heavier a girl, the more she’s willing to do in bed. That seems to be true in Danielle’s case, because this big beautiful girl has no taboos. Although this is her first time in front of Abby Winters’ lens, Danielle is anything but camera shy! Watch her spread her crotch, rub her clit with both her fingers and a vibrator, and even shove a big plastic dick inside her vagina. If you’re looking for a meaty babe that will do pretty much anything, Danielle is definitely the girl for you!

Danielle’s set has 71 pics and 1 video:
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Abby Winters
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Chloe returns to Abby Winters

abby-winters-chloe abby-winters-chloe abby-winters-chloe

This is not the first time that I write about Chloe here, but with a set of boobs like she’s sporting, can you really blame me? Chloe’s breasts in addition to being completely natural, are so big and beautifully shaped that I dare say they are the best pair of titties inside the Abby Winters website.

Just now, reading Chloe’s profile I noticed that this voluptuous honey is from Queensland, instead of being from Melbourne like most other girls that Abby Winters features. Obviously, I wonder if girls in Queensland are as well endowed as Chloe is. In that case, I vote that Abby Winters moves her studios up North, ha!

But going back to the heart of the matter, this new set of Chloe shows her topless in the wilderness, letting her abundant milk jugs bounce at the cadence of her movements, and then finally getting naked, bending over and giving us a great view of her round firm behind. How would you like to watch her do it in extra large photos that are almost 4000 pixels high? It will be like filling your entire screen with nude Chloe. Can you really pass on that?

Chloe’s set has 82 pics:
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Abby Winters
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Paula returns to Abby Winters

abby-winters-paula abby-winters-paula abby-winters-paula abby-winters-paula abby-winters-paula

Looking at Paula, I can’t help it by getting this word popping into my head once and again: Delicious. Can you really blame me, when this adorably cute blonde seems to be looking into my eyes with her deep blue gaze and invitingly smiling at me?

Paula is a 20 year old all Australian girl whose curvy body is like a open provocation to see more of her, to explore her guitar-like figure, to touch her. No wonder Abby Winters has featured her handful of times, always getting more and more requests from her site members to see more Paula. And speaking of seeing more, let me tell you a little secret: there are two photo and video sets of Paula in Abby’s Explicit Posing section, and you probably know what that means: There is not an inch of skin that Paula doesn’t show, a fold of her crotch that she doesn’t stretch, or a hole in her body that she doesn’t spread right in front of the camera. So, if I ever before said on this blog that there were one girl’s videos that you had to watch, please ignore it… this one is the one: Paula will love to show you everything that Mother Nature gave her, and then some!

Paula’s set has 214 pics and 3 videos:
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Abby Winters
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