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Angie and Cleo for Abby Winters

abby-winters-angie-cleo abby-winters-angie-cleo abby-winters-angie-cleo abby-winters-angie-cleo

Are you in need of some hot models from Abby Winters to warm up your winter? Well, I have just the thing for you then! How about a little Angie treat? You may have noticed that Angie is one of my favorite Abby Winters model. I can’t seem to get enough of her pale skin, long silky black hair and her insatiable sexual appetite! Angie and Cleo really steam things up and the hidden camera catches it all for us to enjoy. This set includes over 200 hot photos of Angie and Cleo together, with lots of close up shots of them kissing, fingering and licking. It also includes some really hot video footage of their interviews before as well as really cool shower footage (think shaving….). What? That’s not enough for you? Then make sure you check out the hidden camera footage of hardcore sex between Angie and Cleo. I think you will really enjoy watching Angie and Cleo rub pussies together, AKA, tribbing.

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. I’m off for an encore viewing, then on a search to find more Angie….hubba hubba!

Angie Cleo’s set has 214 pics and full video:
Click here to see more pics and read Angie Cleo’s profiles


Abby Winters

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Kiki and Shee-Ra for Abby Winters

abby-winters-kiki-sheera abby-winters-kiki-sheera abby-winters-kiki-sheera abby-winters-kiki-sheera

Well even though I thoroughy enjoy lusting after the Abby Winters models here on my blog, I thought I would spice things up a little bit and I don’t think ya’ll will complain… I stumbled upon these two exotic models, Kiki and Shee-Ra and I was so entranced by them that I couldn’t resist sharing them with you! Dark skin, silky black hair, tight little bodies, shaved pussies…damn…you’ll see what I mean when you check them out! ;)

While I mostly post links for photo shoots on Abby Winters with great solo models, I do have a weak spot for some of their girl-girl action as well. Kiki and Shee-Ra are good friends who know what they want from each other, but still have a shy little coy side in the beginning of the shoot together. You can’t miss their up close and personal exploration of each other though, as only Abby Winters can capture. Not only will you enjoy high quality still photos, but there is also video of their before and after interviews (think, how were they feeling about their upcoming session and what was it like for them to be together on camera…intimate moments!) as well as the “edge-of-your-seat-hand-tucked-in-your-pants-can-I-get-any-closer-to-the-screen” can’t miss action of the girls undressing and exploring each other’s bodies…and yes, there is nipple sucking, pussy licking and orgasms that you really just can’t pass up…so stop listening to me babble about how great they are, and go see for yourself! Enjoy! ;)

Kiki and Shee-Ra’s set has 295 pics:
Click for more pics and read Kiki and Shee-Ra’s profile


Abby Winters

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Gabrielle and Christiana on Abby Winters

Phew!!! I just finished checking out this post from Abby Winters… (just posted a couple of weeks ago on abbywinters.com ) so please excuse the flushed face! I have drooled over Gabrielle before, but in this set with Christiana, not only one sexy girl in glasses, but TWO sexy girls in glasses…add one sexy girl in glasses kissing another one sexy girl in glasses…what do you get? Yet another very wet girl watching girls kissing girls!! (oops, did I just say that out loud?!?) I can’t get enough of the girl-girl sets on Abby Winters site…they never fail to ahem, help me out. And with new sets being added all the time (a dozen or so new posts a week?) there is always something fresh for me to check out. :-) and I love that!

This set with Gabrielle and Christiana on Abby Winters includes almost 50 minutes worth of steamy hot video of the girls pleasuring each other (note the pics below!) including video interviews before and after their rendevous, and over 500 pics! I am SO wishing I was on that couch! Back to my daydream…

abby_winters_gabrielle_christiana044 abby_winters_gabrielle_christiana274 abby_winters_gabrielle_christiana367 abby_winters_gabrielle_christiana175 abby_winters_gabrielle_christiana264

Wanna see sexy girls in glasses kissing and more?
Gabrielle and Christiana are waiting on Abbywinters.com.

Diana and Darcy on Abby Winters

Well, I was just checking out a girl-girl set just posted on abby winters.com this week…and all I can say is…well, I am speechless! And a little flushed in the face! Diana and Darcy make for one hot session! There is about an hour’s worth of video footage of them undressing and exploring each other, and then giving each other multiple orgasms!! (boy, am I jealous!!!) I swear, Abby Winters just outdoes herself every week. The photo shoots are always incredible, but the girl-girl Tier 3 as Abby calls the most explicit (and did I mention insanely hot?) are by far my favorite on abbywinters…maybe it has something to do with how excited it gets me? LOL

Hope you enjoy these as much as I am! I’m going back for more! Can’t resist!

abby_winters_diana_darcy069 abby_winters_diana_darcy143 abby_winters_diana_darcy325 abby_winters_diana_darcy338 abby_winters_diana_darcy388

Multiple orgasms?
Click here to count the orgasms!.

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Tribadism with Valerie and Jade on Abby Winters

Wait….can you hear that???? That is the sound of my heart pounding after watching the videos of Valerie and Jade!! These two are hotter than you could imagine! OMG…I just love the sight of a girl reaching down into the panties of another girl….wish it was me!!!! Sigh…someday! And the videos with tribadism… wow. OK…while you check out this set from Abby Winters….I am going to go, ahem….explore some more! ;-)

abby_winters_valerie_jade abby_winters_valerie_jade abby_winters_valerie_jade anny_winters_valerie_jade

See if tribadism works for Valerie and Jade?
Click here for a hot demonstration with Valerie and Jade .

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Jacki and Selina on Abby Winters

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm! Here’s another great set for you to check out! There are almost 500 pictures and about 40 minutes of hot video of Jacki and Selina. They start out with Jacki’s guitar, and slowly move to undress each other, (Jacki even shows her talent of removing Salina’s panties with her feet!) After some incredibly sensual, hot kisses (think bellies too) there’s some 69 action, some close ups, and it all ends with 2 very satisfied girls!

I feel like I say this over and over again, but Abby Winters is one of (ranking number one in my book!) the most talented photographers. She really can capture those most intimate of moments, without actually disturbing the intimacy. It’s like you, the viewer, are just a fly on the wall while 2 beautiful women are “heating things up”. Maybe you are peering in throught the closet door? Well, Abby has just invited you in to have a seat in the room and watch! The scenes dont take place in a studio set, with props and script. Just a couple of beautiful “ordinary” women, in someone’s room, and a camera. (or a couple of cameras!)

Well, now, check this set out for yourself and let me know what you think! ;-)

abby_winters_jacki_selina089 abby_winters_jacki_selina185 abby_winters_jacki_selina432 abby_winters_jacki_selina263 abby_winters_jacki_selina477

Abby Winters does it again.
Click here — to be a fly on the wall with Abby Winters.

Lottie & Dee H by Abby Winters

Well, some may say this is “just another Abby post” but you must take a closer look. Yes, there are two more beautiful women, and yes they totally dig each other….and yes, it is another really hot set! And yes, there are more sultry videos of the girls heating things up and getting each other off…And again, the girls have a lot of fun with each other…so much fun that I am really wishing that I was there too! But even though the girls are different, the set is different, the techniques are different, this set is exactly the same high class sexy quality that I have come to know (and safely expect) from Abby Winters. So I guess it is accurate to say, this is “just another Abby post!” See for yourself. Check out the site, and you will find that Abby Winters will never disappoint you.

abby_winters_lottie_dee_h166 abby_winters_lottie_dee_h353 abby_winters_lottie_dee_h438 abby_winters_lottie_dee_h440

Over 400 pictures and 40 minutes of steamy video,
Click here to get it on with Dee and Lottie at Abby Winters. .

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Jacki & Armine on Abby Winters

Well, what can I say? Hmmm….I love Abby Winters! I know you know that already, but if you check out these hot videos of Jacki and Armine you’ll love Abby just as much as I do! This set has almost 600 (yes hundred!) pics, and 4 videos with a total of about 45 minutes of video… and that is only of Jacki and Armine. If you explore Abby’s site, you will discover a lot more than that! These women are so naturally turned on by each other, and so hot together, my monitor got steamy! See for yourself, and let me know what you think!

abby_winters_jacki_armine124 abby_winters_jacki_armine163 abby_winters_jacki_armine510

See the passion, feel the heat.
Click here — to see the purple panties come off! .

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Cassandra and Jennifer bathe on Abby Winters

I am so glad that Abby Winters decided to shot Cassandra and Jennifer bathing. To me a bath is a special place. In a bath I can release the tensions from my day. I soak my body and cleanse my mind.

Bathing can also be a very sensual experience. The warm water and sweet smelling soaps stimulate the senses. When I am able to take my time I can become aroused by my own soft touch. My fingers massaging my scalp. My hands carressing my skin.

While I have never bathed with another woman it must be an even more erotic experience. Your closeness in the water. Your caressing of each others skin. It must be wonderful. With this set of Cassandra and Jennifer Abby Winters has been able to bring that experience to me. The photos so capture the moment and the vidoes are so sexy that I can picture myself in that bath with Cassandra and Jennifer when I close my eyes. Thanks Abby Winters you have done it again.

abby_winters_cassa_jennj076 abby_winters_cassa_jennj120 abby_winters_cassa_jennj_117

Watch the girls wash all their naughty bits by clicking here .

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Penelope and McKenzie on Abby Winters

How many times can I say I love Abby Winters? If you havent already guessed from this site how much I love Abby Winters…well, these pics really speak for themselves. Abby does such a great job capturing the passion between these sensuous women. I dont know about you, but I get flushed in the face just looking at the pictures (but you should even see the video!) I personally am not sure how Abby can stand to take all the pictures without joining in herself! I bet once you see and watch the video footage you will wonder the same! Abby has a natural knack for making you feel like you ARE right there with the girls. Enjoy!

abby_winters_mckenzie_penelope_050 abby_winters_mckenzie_penelope_157 abby_winters_mckenzie_penelope_227 abby_winters_mckenzie_penelope_538

You don’t want to miss the videos or 538 pictures!
Click here to watch Penelope and McKenzie make love.