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Abby Winters Hula Hoop Girls

abby-winters-hula abby-winters-hula abby-winters-hula

Any time the Abby Winters crew gets together a group of six girls for a shoot you guaranteed two things. First, there will be lots of fun and giggling had be all. Second, you will always end up getting to see lots of beautiful boobies, delicious bummies and whole lot more skin from naturally beautiful girls.

That is exatly what happened when abby winters got Giselle, Caitlin K, Roxy, Charlotte E, Aisling and Tamara together for an afternoon of hula hooping. Watch them do all sorts of cool hoop tricks in various states of undress. It is all rather arousing hearing them laugh and giggle and watching their bits bounce and jiggle. I wonder if the girls got as stimulated during the shoot as I got watching it. Mhmmm I know where I will let my thoughts wonder!

the hula hooping set has 219 pics and a 25 video:
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DIY Girls for Abby Winters

abby-winters-diy-girls abby-winters-diy-girls abby-winters-diy-girls abby-winters-diy-girls

There is no need for a lot of words to describe how cute these three abby winters girls are in the ‘diy’ pics and video shoot. The pictures speak for themselves…. so consider this an early holiday gift and enjoy the naked yummyness of abby winters diy girls!

the diy girls’ set has 201 pics:
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Abby Winters

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Asha for Abby Winters

abby-winters-asha abby-winters-asha abby-winters-asha abby-winters-asha

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Abby Winters fans here in the United States. I hope you have a fun safe holiday with your friends and family. For all readers of I Love Abby Winters around the world who do not celebrate the holiday of thanksgiving I am giving you something else to celebrate today… celebrate the amazing beauty of abby winters staff person Asha. At 26 years old Asha is a little older than most of the other women that have been on the Abby Winters website but she is just as beautiful from her amazing smile down to her yummy bottom. If you have the time check out her video. It is super sexy listening to Asha talk about her sculptures and down right randy listening to her talk about the differences between making love with a man and a woman.

Asha’s set has 146 pics:
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Lil for Abby Winters

abby-winters-lil abby-winters-lil abby-winters-lil abby-winters-lil

Abby Winters fans got for a real treat when 22 year old Lil decide to come back for a second shoot. In spite of being a little sick she proved to be just as sexy her second time around. Perhaps even more revealing was her video when she showed her naughty side… and I don’t mean that lovely backside of hers that you see in the above pics… just watch the video and you’ll see the naughty side that the lovely Lil reveals to the staff at Abby Winters. ;)

Lil’s set has 74 pics and 1 video:
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Byrony for Abby Winters

abby-winters-byrony abby-winters-byrony abby-winters-byrony abby-winters-byrony

Bryony is one hell of a sexy girl. This 18 year old blonde with her big bright blue eyes and her naturally large breasts is a delight to look at. That’s probably why Abby Winters has photographed her six times; she probably can’t get enough of Bryony’s voluptuous figure! Of course, there is also the possibility that given the fact that Bryony will do absolutely everything in bed, Abby wants to give her the opportunity to do it right in front of our eyes.

Now that I mention Bryony’s versatility when it comes to being in the horizontal position, let me add that this sassy blonde has eaten her fair share of pussy, masturbated numerous times and spread her coochie so wide for Abby’s camera that I’m puzzled as to how it recovered its original shape. She was also in the site’s first triple Intimate Moments shoot, which was a huge success with its members. In any case, if you’re looking for a well endowed gal that will go to extremes to please you, look no further than Bryony!

Byrony’s set has 146 pics and 1 video:
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Michelle for Abby Winters

abby-winters-michelle abby-winters-michelle abby-winters-michelle

Now that’s what I call a hairy crotch! I’ve seen my fair share of au naturel pussies in my life, but Michelle’s is certainly more unshaven than any I’ve seen in a long time! I wonder if that pussy has ever seen a razor…

Anyway, this 19 year old girl will certainly become the favorite of those of my readers who love a good hirsute twat. And for those who aren’t really into hairy muffins, let me tell you that Michelle has lots of other attributes. Can I mention her love of the outdoors, her very perky titties, her round firm buttocks, and her passion for pussy? That’s right! This lesbian in the making has a knack for eating vaginas and she does wonders doing it. Take a look at her profile at Abby Winters and you’ll notice that in the last year, Michelle has been photographed by Abby numerous times having sex with other models. My personal favorite is the video set of Michelle and Tammy, where these two gals bang the daylights out of each other in the middle of the Australian bush! There’s lots of touching, kissing, licking, sucking and rubbing accompanied by loud moans and lots of bodily fluids in this set. Take a look at the free samples… they’re indeed free.

Michelle’s set has 63 pics and 1 video:
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Caitlyn for Abby Winters

abby-winters-caitlyn abby-winters-caitlyn abby-winters-caitlyn

Since I had a girlfriend in high school by the name of Caitlyn, I’ve found that name to be extremely beautiful and suggestive of a very sensual personality. So far I’ve been right each time with every Caitlyn that I’ve met: she happens to be deliciously sensual and very much comfortable with her sexuality.

This time around, with Abby Winters’ Caitlyn, I was right on. This 22 year old brunette has a innate sex appeal that goes beyond looks and even actions. It could be the way she moves, or how she moans, but it’s an intangible aura that you can only appreciate when you watch her movies. Obviously, there are more than enough reasons on top of this to enjoy Caitlyn’s videos: the fact that she plays with her naturally large breasts and pinches her nipples oh so temptingly; that she bends over and spreads her round buttcheeks showing us her tight little bum hole; and finally, that she opens her pussy lips wide and lets us peek into her vagina. By the way, Caitlyn has one of the tightest little meat holes I’ve ever seen in a girl that is not a virgin. Check it out, it’s simply scrumptious!

Caitlyn’s set has 79 pics and 2 videos:
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Dennie for Abby Winters

abby-winters-dennie abby-winters-dennie abby-winters-dennie abby-winters-dennie

I swear that this new girl in Abby Winters site, Dennie, has to be a Gemini. I’m not really into the whole zodiac signs thing, but I know from good source that Geminis have two distinct personalities.

So going back to the beauty of the day, Dennie, I insist that she’s gotta be a Gemini. Let me explain myself: I was just watching her video inside Abby Winters’ members area, and Dennie starts out quite mild and a little shy, holding on to her clothes and even acting kind of afraid of the camera. But then she gets fully naked, and it’s like a whole different person had come out! She starts giggling, spreading her legs, bending over, opening her butt cheeks and showing her ass… I mean, this chicks does it all, short of banging the photographer. By the way, now that I mention the word “banging”, Dennie does get into that, just with another girl, not a guy, and she does a heck of a good job licking! So, how about you check that set out too? I’m positive watching Dennie masturbate and show you all her pink and then have lesbian sex with another cute amateur girl will make you pitch a tent the size of Australia!

Dennie’s set has 210 pics and 2 videos:
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Nadine for Abby Winters

abby-winters-nadine abby-winters-nadine abby-winters-nadine

In the last few months, Abby Winters has made it a point to show us her most gracious girls in the most varied situations. From posing solo in their own bedrooms to stripping outdoors, all the way to having sex with other models, these girls are doing it all… and Nadine is no stranger to this delicious trend. Lucky for us, there seems to be plenty of her inside Abby Winters’s members area to satisfy our curiosity and lust for her.

But despite the fact that Nadine has been featured five or six times already, I’d like to share this specific photoset with you. In it, this adorable blonde girl is photographed at her home, and after showing us a little bit around, she plunges into her bed, where she takes to the last thread of clothing off and masturbates both bending over and laying down. Nadine fingers herself and even pushes her entire fist inside her vagina, moaning with pleasure while trying to stuff her meat hole even more! Like them naughty? Then you just can’t miss Nadine in what will probably be her best set ever… so, click the link below and watch her a very naughty girl!

Nadine’s set has 151 pics and 1 video:
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Bianca for Abby Winters

abby-winters-bianca abby-winters-bianca abby-winters-bianca abby-winters-bianca

There are girls that you always remember no matter how brief your encounter with them. Some of them is because of their beauty, others because of their sculptural bodies, and others just because of their personality. In the case of Bianca, it is her smile that makes people remember her. At least in my case… About four months ago I had the pleasure of seeing Bianca’s only photoset inside Abby Winters. I was nicely surprised to find such a cute and vivacious girl in the site’s members area, just before leaving town for my December vacation, and I made a mental note to share her with my readers once I was back on the saddle.

Unfortunately I got sidetracked with so many new girls that Abby Winters added in the first months of the year, and just today, I recalled Bianca, wondering how come I still hadn’t posted her photos here! Well, I’d like to make up for it now, and here she is, smiling and doing her stretches in the buff, showing her pretty crotch. Speaking of, ain’t that a cute haircut she’s got down there? I just love those landing strips.

Bianca’s set has 106 pics and 1 videos:
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