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Violet Returns to Abby Winters

abby-winters-violet abby-winters-violet abby-winters-violet

Cute blonde Violet is one of the latest additions to Abby Winters’ amateur girls collection. She was first photographed about three months ago, and ever since, she’s been coming back to give us more and more of herself.

At the age of 20, this adorable gal is full of surprises. She’s a trained ballet dancer and she loves to show her moves for Abby Winters members. In addition, Violet is also an aspiring actress, and obviously, after having been to tons of auditions, she’s quite comfortable in front of the camera. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that as soon as she gets her queue, Violet starts charming us all with her beautiful body and her sensuous personality. Watch her undress at the rhythm of the music and pose casually in the most explicit positions… What’s more, in one of her videos, Violet bends over backwards completely, giving us a glorious view of her unshaven crotch, while her pussy lips part lightly showing some of her pink insides…

Violet’s set has 209 pics:
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Abby Winters
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Paula returns to Abby Winters

abby-winters-paula abby-winters-paula abby-winters-paula abby-winters-paula abby-winters-paula

Looking at Paula, I can’t help it by getting this word popping into my head once and again: Delicious. Can you really blame me, when this adorably cute blonde seems to be looking into my eyes with her deep blue gaze and invitingly smiling at me?

Paula is a 20 year old all Australian girl whose curvy body is like a open provocation to see more of her, to explore her guitar-like figure, to touch her. No wonder Abby Winters has featured her handful of times, always getting more and more requests from her site members to see more Paula. And speaking of seeing more, let me tell you a little secret: there are two photo and video sets of Paula in Abby’s Explicit Posing section, and you probably know what that means: There is not an inch of skin that Paula doesn’t show, a fold of her crotch that she doesn’t stretch, or a hole in her body that she doesn’t spread right in front of the camera. So, if I ever before said on this blog that there were one girl’s videos that you had to watch, please ignore it… this one is the one: Paula will love to show you everything that Mother Nature gave her, and then some!

Paula’s set has 214 pics and 3 videos:
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Krystelle for Abby Winters

abby-winters-krystelle abby-winters-krystelle abby-winters-krystelle abby-winters-krystelle abby-winters-krystelle

There are girls out there that are so flawless that everything about them screams perfection. That, my friends, is the case of Krystelle. Heck, even her name is pretty!

This chick is so beautiful that you have to wonder how come she is not a super model, or an actress, or simply one of those unattainable girls that you see in Victoria’s Secrets commercials. Instead, here she is, offering her virginal beauty for us to enjoy inside Abby Winters’ website. And thank goodness she is!

But the best part about Krystelle’s section in Abby’s site is that she has been caught by Ms. Winters’ lens in her full splendor in extra large images, as big as 4000 pixels in their large side, meaning that Krystelle’s photos will fill your entire monitor and let you enjoy every detail of her skin, from her little freckles and her perky nipples, all the way to her little tattoo and her completely shaved cookie box. That’s just from the front… those of you who are into butts, let me just say that you will fall head over heels over Krystelle when you lay your eyes on the numerous full resolution photographs that show her from the back, flaunting her round perky bottom. Seriously, this girl has the whole package, and I guarantee that she will become your very favorite once you come inside the Abby Winters site.

Krystelle’s set has 247 pics and 1 video:
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Abby Winters
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