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Beach Bum Marryn on Abby Winters

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Meet Marryn, from Abby Winters…Not my usual “type” brunette…but something about her dark tan, (and tan lines!) bleached blonde hair and cut off jean skirt scream beach bum/surfer dudette! And I have to admit, bleach blonde hair and all, I was smitten with the topless tight tanned abs and “jeans”, even though technically, it is a skirt!
Merryn does a great on camera strip show, and there are some amazing outdoor shots (and video footage) of her dancing about the tall grass. Oh, and did I mention she is in the explicit posing group? That means you get to see her a lot more up close and personal than some of the other girls from abbywinters.com. ;-) Thought you might like to know that too! Enjoy!
Check out Beach Bum Merryn’s body piercings!
Visit Abby Winters.com and see Merryn up close.

Posted by Lori • 02.08.06 • Body Piercing, Tan Lines


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