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Beach Bum Marryn on Abby Winters

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Meet Marryn, from Abby Winters…Not my usual “type” brunette…but something about her dark tan, (and tan lines!) bleached blonde hair and cut off jean skirt scream beach bum/surfer dudette! And I have to admit, bleach blonde hair and all, I was smitten with the topless tight tanned abs and “jeans”, even though technically, it is a skirt!
Merryn does a great on camera strip show, and there are some amazing outdoor shots (and video footage) of her dancing about the tall grass. Oh, and did I mention she is in the explicit posing group? That means you get to see her a lot more up close and personal than some of the other girls from abbywinters.com. ;-) Thought you might like to know that too! Enjoy!
Check out Beach Bum Merryn’s body piercings!
Visit Abby Winters.com and see Merryn up close.

Posted by Lori • 02.08.06 • Body Piercing, Tan Lines

Redheaded beauty Carissa on Abby Winters

Imagine rolling over in bed and seeing this infectious smile?If you love natural read hair and fair skin, you will LOVE Carissa from Abby Winters. Meet this 22 year old gorgeous gal who is new to Abby Winters by clicking the link below. I keep finding more and more new models Abby has added recently. Seems everytime I go to abbywinters.com I find new faces! I love that they keep things fresh and new with so many updates. I can get bored easily…but never with Abby Winters!

So, what better to do than enjoy a redheaded beauty on a Friday night…I think I will go fantasize about what I would do to Carissa if she was here. he he he! ;-)

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Wanna hear about Carissa’s wild sex stories?
Click here for show and tell with Carissa and Abby Winters.

Posted by Lori • 02.03.06 • Fair Skin, Natural Bush, Redhead

Gabrielle and Christiana on Abby Winters

Phew!!! I just finished checking out this post from Abby Winters… (just posted a couple of weeks ago on abbywinters.com ) so please excuse the flushed face! I have drooled over Gabrielle before, but in this set with Christiana, not only one sexy girl in glasses, but TWO sexy girls in glasses…add one sexy girl in glasses kissing another one sexy girl in glasses…what do you get? Yet another very wet girl watching girls kissing girls!! (oops, did I just say that out loud?!?) I can’t get enough of the girl-girl sets on Abby Winters site…they never fail to ahem, help me out. And with new sets being added all the time (a dozen or so new posts a week?) there is always something fresh for me to check out. :-) and I love that!

This set with Gabrielle and Christiana on Abby Winters includes almost 50 minutes worth of steamy hot video of the girls pleasuring each other (note the pics below!) including video interviews before and after their rendevous, and over 500 pics! I am SO wishing I was on that couch! Back to my daydream…

abby_winters_gabrielle_christiana044 abby_winters_gabrielle_christiana274 abby_winters_gabrielle_christiana367 abby_winters_gabrielle_christiana175 abby_winters_gabrielle_christiana264

Wanna see sexy girls in glasses kissing and more?
Gabrielle and Christiana are waiting on Abbywinters.com.