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Rochelle and Shae on Abby Winters

Well, meet Rochelle and Shae….if you haven’t noticed, they are twins. Awfully cute twins, I might add. And they are cute teen twins, that get naked together?? Hmmm….my curiosity was piqued! And alas, I found 2 beautiful teen twin sisters, who start off with a pajama party/pillow fight, and then playfully end stripping each other into nakedness? Hmmm….my curiosity is piqued again, so I am off to check out the video to see if they do anything else…I didn’t exactly know that sisters did this kind of thing!? My sister and I have never had naked pillow fights. Anyone else here have naked pillow fights with their siblings? Well, wait a minute…maybe I don’t need to know that! LOL

abby_winters_rochelle_shae078 abby_winters_rochelle_shae107 abby_winters_rochelle_shae118

Two beautiful teen twin sisters get naked
Click here to get in on the fun! .

Posted by Lori • 01.24.06 • Shaved, Small Breast


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