I Love Abby Winters

Six Girls Skinny-dipping on Abby Winters

I’m sure some of you remember the Waterfall girls set on Abby Winters…well, if you liked Waterfall Girls, you will LOVE Six Girls Swimming! Here’s the synopsis: you will find, yes….six girls….looking mighty fine in bikinis, jumping off a boat, playing in the water (think chicken fights!) and then they lose the bikinis, sit around on the beach and slather themselves in (not suntan lotion!) sand. After I got past the “ouch, that must hurt!!!” feeling, I came to the conclusion that six naked girls wet and sandy is still freakin’ hot! And not only does this set include more beautiful photos shot by Abby Winters herself, but also video of the girls really having fun splashing around. Enjoy!

abby_winters_sixgirls167 abby_winters_sixgirls137 abby_winters_sixgirls163 abby_winters_sixgirls181

What’s better than a day at the beach?
A day at the beach with 6 beautiful girls!
Click here for some dirty wet fun on Abby Winters.

Posted by Lori • 01.16.06 • Multiple Models

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