I Love Abby Winters

Cassandra and Jennifer bathe on Abby Winters

I am so glad that Abby Winters decided to shot Cassandra and Jennifer bathing. To me a bath is a special place. In a bath I can release the tensions from my day. I soak my body and cleanse my mind.

Bathing can also be a very sensual experience. The warm water and sweet smelling soaps stimulate the senses. When I am able to take my time I can become aroused by my own soft touch. My fingers massaging my scalp. My hands carressing my skin.

While I have never bathed with another woman it must be an even more erotic experience. Your closeness in the water. Your caressing of each others skin. It must be wonderful. With this set of Cassandra and Jennifer Abby Winters has been able to bring that experience to me. The photos so capture the moment and the vidoes are so sexy that I can picture myself in that bath with Cassandra and Jennifer when I close my eyes. Thanks Abby Winters you have done it again.

abby_winters_cassa_jennj076 abby_winters_cassa_jennj120 abby_winters_cassa_jennj_117

Watch the girls wash all their naughty bits by clicking here .

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Elsa unwinds at Abby Winters

Well, Abby Winters has done it again! She has truly captured Elsa having a good ole time! Elsa is a beautiful girl, naturally beautiful, I’d say. She is surely having a blast posing for Abby, but I cant figure out exactly what is the deal with the chair??? Doesn’t anyone else have any ideas?

abby_winters_elsa_034 abby_winters_elsa_096 abby_winters_elsa_114

Watch Elsa as she gets her groove on.
Click here and hang with Elsa .

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Vanessa in the dressing room at Abby Winters

One would’nt think that getting dressed could be just as sexy as Undressing, but somehow, “watching” Vanessa getting dressed in the dressing room is more than sexy, it is HOT! Maybe it is that whole voyeuristic thing, not sure, but I like it! ;-) Thanks Abby Winters for showing us a different “angle”!

abby_winters_vanessa_y001 abby_winters_vanessa_y024 abby_winters_vanessa_y027

Guess what? Before Vanessa got dressed she was naked!
Click here to help Venessa with her naughty bits.

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Penelope and McKenzie on Abby Winters

How many times can I say I love Abby Winters? If you havent already guessed from this site how much I love Abby Winters…well, these pics really speak for themselves. Abby does such a great job capturing the passion between these sensuous women. I dont know about you, but I get flushed in the face just looking at the pictures (but you should even see the video!) I personally am not sure how Abby can stand to take all the pictures without joining in herself! I bet once you see and watch the video footage you will wonder the same! Abby has a natural knack for making you feel like you ARE right there with the girls. Enjoy!

abby_winters_mckenzie_penelope_050 abby_winters_mckenzie_penelope_157 abby_winters_mckenzie_penelope_227 abby_winters_mckenzie_penelope_538

You don’t want to miss the videos or 538 pictures!
Click here to watch Penelope and McKenzie make love.

Jillin with Paula at Abby Winters

Do you like watching people undress? Abby has captured Paula undressing as she prepares to sunbathe in the nude. I sure hope she has a lot of sunscreen, because there are a few parts I would NOT want to have sunburned!! Paula has a little more fun while she is nude on the porch…and if you click on the link, you will see exactly how much fun she has, even by herself, if you know what I mean!

abby_winters_paula_3015 abby_winters_paula_3030 abby_winters_paula_3101

That sun isn’t the only hot thing out on the deck
Click here see the explict pics I can’t show.

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Louise R by Abby Winters

Wow, so many things come to mind with this set. Pretty in pink for one. Louise sure has fun undressing for Abby Winters, and playing around, dancing, jumping…all sorts of positions and poses, but the thing is, it is purely spontaneous, not contrived. And then there is Louise’s body! Purely kissable. Her long legs, tight stomach, and that infectious smile. Mmm! Can you think of a few things you’d like to do to her? (For her!) I sure can! But I can’t say what! ;-)

Abby Winters talks about Louise:
She’s long, she’s lean, and oh my goodness look at that stomach! Flat and strong and the hint of veins showing… goodness me, Louise is delightful! As she stretches and languishes around the chair, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover.

abby_winters_louise_r006 abby_winters_louise_r12 abby_winters_louise_r119

What’s hotter than Louise’s pictures? Her exercise videos!
Click here to watch Louise do naked sit-ups and more.

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Flirty Diana by Abby Winters

You know what I love about Abby Winters? (Well, another thing I love about Abby Winters) Every photo shoot is different, unique in some way. She really captures each woman’s personality, so you dont feel like you’re seeing the same old same old kind of “porn”. Abby Winters isn’t porn. I am not exactly sure how I would classify it, but no matter what I classify it as, there is no denying how HOT it gets me!

But Diana is more than just flirty, she is down right sexy. Her eyes are so tantalizing! She draws you right in. I’m smitten, how about you?

abby_winters_diana022 abby_winters_diana090 abby_winters_diana112

See Diana’s shoots including her girl – girl shoot.
Click to read Diana’s hand written notes about the shoot.

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Pam backstage at Abby Winters

One of the fun things on Abby Winters that many don’t know about is you get to go backstage with the girls and the entire Abby Winters crew. I love getting a ‘peak’ behind the scenes. It reminds you that as beautiful as the girls are they still put their pants on one leg at a time – just like you and me.

When backstage you get to read some of the notes and thoughts of the staff. Here is what Jamie said about Pam’s shoot on Abby Winters.

Jamie talks about Pam:
Now I know I often write about what happens on the video but that is truly where I get to know the models and we all have a laugh. I love capturing a model’s hidden talent and lucky for us Pam was willing to bring along her hula-hoop and share with us her amazing skills. And yes I am talking about the hula-hooping not how amazing Pam’s breasts look while she is hula-hooping. Though, mind you, they do look good.

abby_winters_backstage_7514 abby_winters_backstage_7516 abby_winters_backstage_7517 abby_winters_backstage_7518

Want to see Pam hula-hoop?
Go backstage with Pam and other Abby Winters girls.

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Susie and Mellisa by Abby Winters

While I certainly enjoy all of the girls Abby Winters shoots on camera, nothing gets my juices flowing more than her girl-girl sets. There is no way to truly convey how hot the Abby Winters videos are unless you just see for yourself. I promise, you won’t be disappointed! Watch as Susie and Mellisa explore each others bodies and get real close up too! Beware though, you may need some extra time while watching, if you know what I mean!

abby_winters_susmel_2034 abby_winters_susmel_2124 abby_winters_susmel_2181

311 pics & 4 vids of Susie and Mellisa – only at Abby Winters
Click here to see Susie and Melissa’s videos.

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Fleur Crosses a Bridge by Abby Winters

This is one of five photo shoots that the 18 year old Fleur has done for Abby Winters. A member favorite Abby keeps bringing her back.

Abby Winters on Fleur’s shoot:
“Public nudity can be quite fun as long as people keep their distance – but this was a narrow bridge and was quite difficult. I think Fleur enjoys doing a few outrageous things just to keep life interesting. “

abby_winters_fleur_011 abby_winters_fleur_026 abby_winters_fleur_038

Wait to you see what Fleur does on the other side.
Click here to learn more about Fleur and her others shoots.

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