I Love Abby Winters

Jacki and Selina on Abby Winters

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm! Here’s another great set for you to check out! There are almost 500 pictures and about 40 minutes of hot video of Jacki and Selina. They start out with Jacki’s guitar, and slowly move to undress each other, (Jacki even shows her talent of removing Salina’s panties with her feet!) After some incredibly sensual, hot kisses (think bellies too) there’s some 69 action, some close ups, and it all ends with 2 very satisfied girls!

I feel like I say this over and over again, but Abby Winters is one of (ranking number one in my book!) the most talented photographers. She really can capture those most intimate of moments, without actually disturbing the intimacy. It’s like you, the viewer, are just a fly on the wall while 2 beautiful women are “heating things up”. Maybe you are peering in throught the closet door? Well, Abby has just invited you in to have a seat in the room and watch! The scenes dont take place in a studio set, with props and script. Just a couple of beautiful “ordinary” women, in someone’s room, and a camera. (or a couple of cameras!)

Well, now, check this set out for yourself and let me know what you think! ;-)

abby_winters_jacki_selina089 abby_winters_jacki_selina185 abby_winters_jacki_selina432 abby_winters_jacki_selina263 abby_winters_jacki_selina477

Abby Winters does it again.
Click here — to be a fly on the wall with Abby Winters.

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