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Fenna for Abby Winters

Twenty year old dutch hottie Fenna is back on the abby winters website once again. This time she did a sexy erotic solo shoot for the team. She has been on the site almost a dozen times so far and she makes each appearance special. Click here to a preview all of her girl girl, intimate moments and solo shoots on the Abby Winters website.

Fenna is super slim and curvy with wonderful full breasts topped with delicious puffy nipples. The shoot was done by Masie of the Abby Winters team. Masie does a great interview of Fenna. Check them out as Fenna and Masie discuss fetishes, kinks, first kisses, and more, while they are making some fun art.

Fenna’s set has 237 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
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Lailie for Abby Winters

So exotic and stunning the 23 year old Lailie has been excusite everytime she has appeared on the abby winters website. In all she has done more than a half dozen solo, intimate moments and girl girl shoots for abby winters. Click here to a preview all of her shoots.

Lailie is a gorgeous girl: a pretty face, beautiful dark eyes, lovely long hair and a great body. And what’s more, she obviously likes showing her beauty and isn’t shy infront of the camera. Watching herself masturbate and bring herself to orgasm with nothing but her fingers is a highly arousing experience that I encourge everyone to watch. It is sure to make your heart beat faster and make your naughty bits tingle a whole lot.

Lailie’s set has 237 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
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Lacie for Abby Winters

Yup, I will admit it. I have a soft spot for redheads. Luckily for me Abby Winters has lots and lots of redheads in their collection. One of the latest is this redhead 23 year old hottie named Lacie. Lacie has been on the abby winters site multiple times, click here to see them all, in both solo and girl girl shoots.

This shoot is a fun one in which Lacie takes us on a taxi tour around the sites of Amsterdamn and flashes her naughty bits, especially that firey red pubic bush to us and the public throughout the city. And much to my delight she ends her shoot with a super hot solo masturbation shoot inside a public restroom!

Lacie’s set has 170 pics and video:
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Amanda K for Abby Winters

These pics are from Amanda K’s only shot with team Abby Winters. The shoot took place a couple of years ago when Amanda was 20 years old. In my opinion, Amanda is a true cutie pie. I mean come on take a close look at her face. Doesn’t it make you melt. She is an absolute doll whose eyes are capable of melting an iceberg.

The shoot itself starts very slow an erotic with Amanda sensually posing for the camera in the soft light of a windowsill. While she may have started the shoot a little timid it is clear in the video that by the time she is nude in the side chair she is at ease with her nudity in front of the camera. This is when her deep beauty radiates through the most. Why not click here and check out the free sample video from Amanda’s one and only Abby Winters shoot for yourself!

Amanda K’s set has 77 pics and video:
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Abby Winters
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Gaby for Abby Winters

Twenty Seven year old Dutch beauty Gaby has appeared on the Abby Winters website several times now. This tall athletic woman is super hot in all her pictures and video shoots, but I especially like this hot steamy bathtub setting. We are treated to watching Gaby draw the bath and layout roses and candles wearing nothing but her undies. This is followed by the abby winters crew doing a terrific job of capturing every sexy sensual moment of Gaby’s extra steamy bath. How steamy? Well let’s just say she uses her fingers and toys rubbing her wonderfully shaved pussy to multiple sexy and sensual orgasms. Don’t believe me that she cums more than once? Well then click here and watch the free preview video for yourself. You’ll be glad that you did!

Gaby’s set has 188 pics and video:
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Emilie for Abby Winters

abby-winters-emilie abby-winters-emilie abby-winters-emilie

Twenty three year old Emilie is a French woman who decided to do a shoot for Abby Winters when she was traveling about Australia. Being an outdoor shoot I found it quite erotic watching the way in which the sun lit Emilie’s body and the way the light reflected off of the ripples of the lake onto Emilie’s bra, panties and skin as she did her slow sensous striptease. Emilie’s striptease reveals an amazing body with wonderful breast, a great bummie and curves in all the right places. Of course, Emilie didn’t need to get naked to reveal her gorgeous eyes or beautifully radiant smile. I hope all my fellow Abby Winters fans love Emilie as much as I do!

Emilie’s set has 169 pics and video:
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Ariane for Abby Winters

abby-winters-ariane abby-winters-ariane abby-winters-ariane

When Ariane first appeared on the Abby Winters website a few years ago as a brunette I thought she was simply radiant and oozed sexuality. Now that she came back as a blonde I found her to be equally as sensual and sexy. I think that is because her sexiest feature isn’t her hair… not by far. Her sexiest feature is her eyes. They are stunning. They held my attention from the start of her Abby Winters shoot where she slowly undresses and strips for the camera all the way until the end when she brings herself to an amazingly sexy orgasm. Don’t believe me? Well then simply click here and watch the free preview video for yourself. Watch those eyes as they sparkle and glow and may I kindly suggest that if your breathing doesn’t become heavier and your pulse doesn’t quicken than you should call a doctor because you just might be dead!

Ariane’s set has 88 pics and video:
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Zilly for Abby Winters

abby-winters-zilly abby-winters-zilly abby-winters-zilly

21 year old Zilly, pictured above, is a little bigger than your typical Abby Winters girl but as you can see in her videos with her naturally radiant smile and bubbly sexy personality she is a perfect fit for team Abby Winters. The dark haired brunette beauty does a slow sensual striptease for use slowly revealing her rather “massive boobs” (her words not mine) and her curvy figure. Even before she masturbates her pussy is very wet and it is clear her girl juices are flowing. I hope you enjoy her video as much as I did. Let me know your thoughts in the comments but i feel pretty confident to say that Zilly proves you don’t need to be a size zero to be super beautiful and incredibly sexy.

Zilly’s set has 248 pics and video:
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Davana for Abby Winters

abby-winters-davana abby-winters-davana abby-winters-davana

First time Abby Winters model Davana is a sexy green eyed natural beauty with fabulous red hair. In her video she shows us around her room revealing interesting bits of her personality before she slowly strips down and reveals her firm tight flexible body. I am sure you find her as sexy as I do so join her in bedroom for some tarot reading and nude boxing now!

Davana’s set has 112 pics and video:
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Mandy B for Abby Winters

abby-winters-mandy abby-winters-mandy abby-winters-mandy

According to the crew at Abby Winters 20 year old Mandy started off a little shy when she did her shoot and video for the site. That is ok by me though because if it is her shyness that led her to do such a slow, seductive teasing striptease than it works for me. I love the way she plays with her little gym shorts to reveal her striped panties covering her amazing round squeezeable bum. Yeah it works for me. I don’t know why I only showed pics of Mandy’s nice meaty little shaved cunny. I should have shown some of her bum because it is fantastic. Check it out for yourself. Click here to surf on over to the Abby Winters and check out the free preview video to see what I mean!

Mandy B’s set has 114 pics and video:
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